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#Surgery #trigeminal neuralgia

First time

I shouted at my cat now loudly and I got a quick shock in my head.

Its 2 months post op.


Dealing with incredible and debilitating amounts of right-sided# facial discomfort today. It feels like someone has clobbered me with a brass-shod rifle butt. It is particularly unpleasant today and there is nothing to treat it either. The only medication available is typically enough one I am allergic to. If anyone has any novel ideas on how to manage TN I would be delighted to hear from you if not for the curative effects then at least for the humour it may generate.#trigeminal #neuralgia #TN

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Hello, everyone!

I have #TDP , also called #trigeminal #deafferentation pain, and sometimes referred to as #anesthesiadolorosa . The condition is the result of permanent damage to my right trigeminal nerve, which occurred during #microvasculardecompression surgery, or #mvd . I have been in one form of #chronicfacialpain or another for the last 30 years. I would love to chat with others who have #motorcortexstimulators for #facialpain . Carry on, warriors. ❤️

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do you ever wish you could have your spouses healthy body???

i’ll start out by saying I really do feel like an ass for saying all of this ... but I am coming from a place of stress and anxiety. My house is dirty, the laundry is piling up, The yard is a catastrophe, my son and my pets need attention, the decorations all need to be put away...etc.
I watch my spouse continuously watch TV or game. Despite asking for help and seeing the mess around him, he’s comfortable being in front of the TV for 8 to 10 hours at a time. 😳 Finally the other day I said to him, “I think the wrong one of us got sick.” Oops!
I instantly regretted it, but then the more I thought about it I really meant what I said.
He can have my trigeminal neuralgia, my chronic migraines and my debilitating depression and anxiety while he sits on the couch...why not? I could get so much more done with a healthy body. i’m frustrated with the body that I have and clearly frustrated with my husband.
just wondering if anyone has ever felt the same way?
#trigeminal neuralgia #Depression #Anxiety #husbandissues


How do I cope/handle a new chronic illness diagnosis? #MS #trigeminal neuralgia

Im 5 months into my MS and Trigeminal diagnosis. Its been so traumatizing and Im finding it difficult to move forward. Im still in mourning for who I was. More energetic and lively, working and unstoppable...I was born on Independence Day and now I depend on so many people to even care for my toddler. I ask myself on a daily basis, How do I do this? Im exhausted, in constant pain, the meds make me sick and most people dont understand. If anyone can please give advice Id appreciate it.