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Thank you very much for this opportunity given to me by you to express myself. I am really honored in getting to know you. Let me tell you a little ab

#Gtube #h #anxiety


#h #anxiety

Yesterday was a tough day. I was at work and my heart started racing. I took my heart rate and it was 201 so I went to the ER. I was there all day. They checked my heart enzyme levels three times. First time it was a 12 second a 39 then after a iv they finally got it to go down. Now I’m wearing a heart monitor and I’m kinda scared. If you don’t mind please pray for me. Thanks


Hope & Faith vs suicide

#h Hope Charisma News online has an article that also links to the podcast. Here is the link to the article: www.charismanews.com/marketplace/81502-how-the-tragedy-of-po...

You have depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts, or whatever you have, stop! Life is tough regardless of your Disability! There are many stories of people that have found a way to Overcome with or without a Disability! Here is a guy who should have been dead by 20, instead he went on to have a great life. Against all odds, he should have been very depressed, he should have had bad anxiety attacks, & suicide was in his genes. But he decided to make something of his self even he was told many times, you will not amount to much.
Everyone has 2-options in life?
1. Continue to say "oh poor me & that's not fair"
2. Get up off your butt & make a "difference in this World"!! Go help others.

Stop telling your self I can`t & change it to "I`m going to help kids"!! This will change your life.
If Scott can do it anyone can do it!

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Finally got Health Insurance!!! #mvd #TrigeminalNeuralgia #h

My husband FINALLY got health insurance through his job. This means that come January 1st I can start setting everything up for my MVD!!! I've cried so many tears of joy which only makes my face hurt more 😑, cried while being able to tell my oldest child (she's 12) that I could possibly be pain free soon, I've daydreamed about going back to work, getting off these meds, and felt every emotion in every range possible. My Neurologist is very hopeful it would be successful for me, I have my surgeon picked out, I haven't been able to afford to see a pain management Dr but now I could, just so many possibilities. My youngest and only other child (turned 1 in October) hasn't known her mother without my diseases. I went through pregnancy with her having both and have worried how I'll keep up once she's older. My mind is more at ease now. This will be the beginning to a new life for my family and I couldn't be happier!!!!

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Painting for my daughter. Stars in sky she can wish.her wish

To be a mermaid alter ego she’s 28. I need to add the stars in the sky so she can wish. She’s going thru tests for cancer or bleeding disorder. I will share more of my art.this is acrylic. I have more watercolor..done at the wellness center. If you live in Orange County ca I can tell you about the wellness center ❤️ #h


Why me #why me# #h #Anxiety

I’ve been tired all day, not that just cannot wake up feeling but really tired, drank a lot of coffee to get me going, fortunately it’s my day off today, so I didn’t get dressed until 11.00, when I took out my dog for a little stroll, cane back for more coffee and cheese on toast, I’ve been craving carbs and cheese and can’t get enough of it. Then went to work and the heavens opened and it poured heavily non stop for over an hour, and as I ride a bike for my job I just got soaked and with that me being absolutely shattered I just had enough and burst into tears and got really really angry and pissed off. Did my shift, went food shopping in my local Tesco, bought a load of nice, comfort food and came home. Dog is fine, o went straight into my pj’s and ate pizza and now I’m in bed, bloody knackered

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Painting my pain away #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Fibromyalgia #MentalHealth #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #hobbies #Art #h

**I just realised I never attached the photo of my painting in my last post 🙄😆 so I’ve copied my previous post with the painting this time 🙈***

I had some spinal injections a few days ago and the pain after made me think, what did I just get myself into? I know there are people on here who have had surgery which I can only image being 1000x times worse but pain is pain. So I decided to paint something to try and distract me. There’s something about the sea that calms me. Maybe I was a fish in my past life 😂 🐠