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Beach therapy #timeout #Selfcare #naturalbeauty #naturetherapy

Just another photo from Mission Beach, near Cairns, Australia. On my way out to pick up dinner tonight I saw a cute wallaby nibbling on grass.

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Beach therapy #naturalbeauty #Nature #beach

After a difficult and full on month preparing for my parents visit, cleaning and cooking as they were visiting, out of the blue during school term work.
It was lovely to spend time with my mum but also really sad as she's suffering from advanced alzheimers/dementia. I don't know for how much longer I have her.
So this weekend I decided I needed some self care and beach therapy, as its my happy place. Mission Beach in Far North Qld is incredibly beautiful. Went for a walk this afternoon after arriving, I love beach combing for shells. So relaxing!
It's important to reward ourselves when we've gone through a particularly difficult challenge and to fill our cup up again. We can't keep giving and giving and not expecting to run out eventually.
Hope you all have a great weekend and take some time out for yourselves.

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What’s your favourite cozy spot outside the home?

Unequivocally the beach. I’m blessed to live in Far North Queensland, Australia where the rainforest meets the reef. Some of our beaches are amazing! They are also mostly not crowded, actually often I go to the beach and maybe see less than a dozen people. I love to beach comb, I can walk for hours, enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine and walking along the waters edge. It’s definitely not surfers paradise but you can get a boat out to some of the islands and snorkel near the beach and find coral, colourful fish and if you’re blessed - green sea turtles. It’s the one place I feel all my worries disappear, I feel at one with nature and close to our Creator. 💕 #happyplace #Cosyspot #Carefree #Nature #naturalbeauty #beach #Mermaid