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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

#ChronicFatigue #Fatigue #fibromyalgiafatigue #exhaustion

So on a personal note we flew high accomplished many things sent love out in many directions only to land on the couch and that’s IT. #crash #Drained #nap

What IT all means is while we feel like we are getting better trying to do the things we use to do or remembering things that we could have done before diagnosis. We find ourselves in the cycle of #Updays #Downdays .

This is incredibly frustrating and irritating to say the least. How does one do all the things one is supposed to do when they don’t have enough #Energy and suffer from #ChronicIlless ?

Like seriously we have to be able to get through a week or two without being completely #overwhelmed .

Ok like we have taken on some extra #Stress #Work #MentalHealth and sure some #Caregiving . But common like surly we can still get things done. #DoEverything right?…

Wrong !!!

This is the reminder that we are in this situation because you didn’t look after yourself #rest #Health #Breakes #timeOff #timeout .

That’s right super hero you’re going to have to passé a bit better. Not everyday! Not every hour! Not every minute!

So we are sorry! Please take time to say you are sorry for not looking after You!

See while you would love to help and save the world… You forgot!

You have to save you!

IT is true and the year is ✨2022 IT is true.

Please 🙏 be kind to you.

Please 🙏 look after you.

Please 🙏 take time for you.

There is only one ☝️ you.

Someone out there needs this so this is for U

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Getting away from it all

Recently I took this photo out in the country on holiday. It was so good to get away from everything for a while, there was no internet, email or tv, just vast open spaces. Thought I'd share with you all. #Depression #Selfcare #timeout #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness

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What is your favourite spot in nature?

Do you also like to spend time in nature? Isn't it nice to enjoy yourself, forget about all the to-dos, sorrows and worries for a little while? Just discovering the little things, such as here in the picture on a pond.

Ah: Maybe the new group we are building might be for you too! We share everything about nature and all it benefits for our health. Curious? You're welcome too!
#Nature #Plants #timeout #Break

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Beach therapy #timeout #Selfcare #naturalbeauty #naturetherapy

Just another photo from Mission Beach, near Cairns, Australia. On my way out to pick up dinner tonight I saw a cute wallaby nibbling on grass.


Anxiety #

Woke up almost every morning this week with full blown anxiety. Thoughts are dark and just want to fall back asleep. Get up for work, burn out, compassion fatigue. 25 years doing the same job. Senior Therapist working with addiction. Running around my head is the want to step back from my current position and go back to being a therapist without the senior part. Served my time, done my part. Fear of what will result in verbalising my request. #timeout


Taking Time

Self love means;
Taking time for myself.
Taking my favorite book off the shelf.
Taking control of the word no and
realizing my life is not just for show.
Taking time to do what makes me happy, even when it means feeling nappy.
Taking long walks along the river and quiet trail.
Taking it easy on yourself when you fail.
Self love is all about taking, which can be hard to learn for someone so versed in giving.
But self love is essential for healthy living.

#MightyPoets #MightyPoets #Selflove #selflovemeanstome #takingtime #selfloveisnotselfish #MentalHealth #mentalhealthday #taketime #timeout #iamnotapoet #Poetry #TheMighty #BeStrong #thegiver