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    Just Got A Total Hip Replacement #HipReplacement

    #ChronicPain I am tired of being in pain. My hips, back, knees, and even hands hurt. Arthritis and torn cartilages. One day post-op hip replacement. I am in worse surgical pain. I’m supposed to have both done, but I’m kind of beat up.

    A month ago I had an emergency root canal - That was serious pain. And then they found a cyst under my back gum. When is it going to end? #needrelief

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    Community Voices

    Started back on my lexapro tonight

    I’m overwhelmed. Locked inside of my mind. I turned back to Lexapro. Please send thoughts, prayers and good vibes. As well if you have used this medication what were your experiences? #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #Lexapro #needrelief

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    I feel like a failure in life

    I am so depressed and have the worst self-esteem. I feel like my family, basically the whole world, would be better off if I weren’t here. Meds either don’t help or have terrible side effects. I’ve battled this since 2000... almost 20 years. It has just gotten worse through time. Denied I was dealing with mental illness for the first 10 years and halfway treated it for next 6 years. I have been hospitalized twice in past three+ years and had to leave my job as a special education teacher last year. I quit when my fear of failing overwhelms me. I just want to release my family from the burden I place on them.
    #needrelief #tryingnottogiveup