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Just Got A Total Hip Replacement #HipReplacement

#ChronicPain I am tired of being in pain. My hips, back, knees, and even hands hurt. Arthritis and torn cartilages. One day post-op hip replacement. I am in worse surgical pain. I’m supposed to have both done, but I’m kind of beat up.

A month ago I had an emergency root canal - That was serious pain. And then they found a cyst under my back gum. When is it going to end? #needrelief

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#HEDS Looking for #HipReplacement #Doctors in #Massachusetts with #EDSAwareness

I just saw a hip doctor but she's unfamiliar with hEDS/EDS and wants to refer me to a doctor probably in eastern Mass with hEDS/EDS awareness that also perform hip surgeries. I could use a list of doctors for other joint issues: spine, knees, ankles, wrists, hip. I really hope someone can help.


How do i start volunteering for non profits?

I’ve always want to volunteer for non profits that like help people like me. Sorry this isn’t making sense. But I have lupus so one I want to work would be the lupus foundation( i think it’s called) I just feel like I can help others like me... #Lupus #Depression #MentalHealth #EatingDisorders #PTSD #HipReplacement #AvascularNecrosis #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


I need advice about going back to college.

Let me just this 1st. Out if my 4 semesters I only passed my math classes., I’m scared to go back cuz it’s been so long... does anyone know of books/online books and free classes.
I really want to be in school again. #MentalHealth #scared #Backtoschool #Lupus
#HipReplacement #AVN

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Captain Tom Moore #hero #mightmoments

Wow wow wow wow

I wanted to share this with you my Mighty family

This very brave gentleman of a young age at 99 years old he will be 100 years old very soon.

Started doing laps to raise money for the UK NHS. Our national health service. His way of saying thankyou to the NHS for his treatment for cancer and a broken hip.

His original target was £1000 then 2 weeks ago one of our national tv channels picked it up.
Everyone started to donate.
The target was changed and changed again, and again.

Today when I watched the BBC news his target stands at just under a million pounds.
Yes just short of a million UK pounds.
He wanted to raise a thousand pounds by his 100 th birthday when he will recieve a personal birthday card from the Queen .
He only has a few laps left to do.
He served in the war. He is now doing something in the fight against the covid19 war.
What a hero.
#heroes #100 #99 #Millionpoundsraised #MightyTogether #Captaintommoore #Laps #Cancer #HipReplacement #NHS #Sayingthankyou #Brokenhip #RareDisease #Amazing


Hip Distraction to Relieve Pain? Anyone experienced hip pain relief from hip distraction in physical therapy? #HipReplacement       #Hip #hippain

Recently completed 8 weeks of physical therapy for osteoarthritis of my hip. The PT used a belt to provide traction on my leg and relieve pressure on my hip joint! WOW! I was amazed at how much better my hip felt.  Has anyone else had experience with this in PT? Does anyone know how I can perform long axis hip distraction at home?

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Hipreplacement Sugery

#RheumatoidArthritis . #HipReplacement It is a week now since my operation. I feel stronger everyday and I know it will take time for the whole process. No pain since my opperation. God is so good and give Him thanks. 🙏


Does anyone know of any jobs I can do from home in Sydney, Australia ?

I run an event styling business but am having a hip replacement in 2 months and will have no income. Looking for something I can do from home! #Australia #JobSearch #Jobs #Arthritis #HipReplacement