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Anxiety and #AnxietyMedication

I have just started my new medication, Lexapro (also known as Ciprelax) and have been experiencing some not great side affects — insomnia, racing thoughts, tightness of chest, and what feels like heartburn. Really praying this will subside soon. Has anyone else taken #Lexapro or #ciprelax ?

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Changing depression meds #Depression #meds #MajorDepressiveDisorder

I am interested in people's experiences changing antidepressants. I've been taking Lexapro since I don't know how long, but I don't feel like it's working anymore. I do take 4 other meds (adhd, anxiety, antidepressant booster, etc.) I am concerned about tapering down and ramping back up on a new med that may or may not work. While I don't feel like the Lexapro is working, I don't know how it'd feel to be completely off it. #Lexapro #meds

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Antidepressant Rollercoaster

Hello Mighty Warriors!

Today, my body just said no more to Duloxetine 60mg, as I have had really bad anxiety that is always on the surface. I am always sick to my stomach and have lost 12lbs in two weeks due to taking 60mg for ONE week.

I asked my doctor if I could go back on Lexapro because, while Duloxetine has helped immensely with fibromyalgia pain, it has not done one thing for my anxiety. It’s like constant feelings of being rushed. I also kee having outer body feelings.

Has anyone ever gone from Lexapro, to Duloxetine, and back to Lexapro? If so, what were your experiences like? Is this doable?

Thank you for your time and help in advance!

#Fibromyalgia #Lexapro #duloxetine


Lexapro or con?

My doctor recently changed me from Zoloft to Lexapro. I know these meds are in the same drug family. I just started over a week ago. So far my anxiety attacks are more frequent. Irritable, unmotivated and I feel like bugs are crawling on
Me. What are your thoughts on Lexapro? #Lexapro #Antidepressant #SSRI


Ssri dosing

Has anyone had to play around with your lexapro dose? I was on 10 for a while and then tried going yup to 15. Just went back down to 10 because i was still having side effects and crying after 10 days. Curious if anyone else has had to go down after trying to go back up? #SSRI #Depression #Anxiety #Lexapro #Medication #mentalhealth


Lexapro dose

Does anyone have experience taking 15mg of lexapro? Is that too high? I recently went up from 10 to 15 and am nervous. But terrified to go back down to 10 because I don't want to have my depression and anxiety come back. I have read all the info online but want to hear from someone who is actually on it. #Lexapro #Depression #Anxiety #SSRI


Panic is coming back

When the pandemic started in 2020, while I would never wish what happened to anybody, I found that not having to work eased my panic attacks. Now that unemployment is ending I am going back to work. Today I went in for training and had a massive panic attack. It was one on one training so 2x I excused myself to the bathroom but I was totally embarrassed. I didn’t tell the other person what was going on. Only that I had drank a lot of water that morning so that’s why I had to run off to the bathroom.
Now I’m very nervous about my panic attacks causing trouble for me at work. I’m an esthetician so I do facials. I’m so nervous about having panic attacks while I’m alone in the room with a client.
I do take 20mg of Lexapro but don’t feel it’s really helping. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
#PanicAttack #Anxiety #Lexapro #PanicDisorder #Depression

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Invitation to a Brand New Community

Hey guys! If you are like me, living with depression, you know there is a stigma. Join me to End it! I am the leader of a brand new community called: End the Stigma. And that's what we are going to do TOGETHER.

Join us here End The Stigma

#Depression #EndTheStigma #Therapy #Antidepressant #MentalHealth #Parenting #Disability #Lexapro #prozac #Viibryd #CognitiveBehaviorTherapy #PostpartumDisorders

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40 Years of Anxiety and Depression

#Depression and #Anxiety have been at their worst for the last 3 years! Awake with racing thoughts of #Doom , physical flu like aching. I dread waking every single day. Severe fatigue especially by midday. On Klonopin for 30 years, which no longer works. Tried 7 anti-depressants….side effects of irritation prohibitive. .05 #Lexapro for a week now. Will try to push thru this low dose for a month or so. #happy to have discovered Mighty. More to come.