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Chronic Pain Sucks

Been in a severe fibro flare up for 2 weeks first severe one in a while and have had to take time out from work as am physically, mentally and emotionally burnt out.... back to relying on my zimmerframe to get about indoors as can barely walk from the pain in my lower back, pelvic girdle, knees and feet... my cervicogenical headaches are making me vomit and my sensory hypersensitivity is through the roof... and to top it all off I have UTI on top of it and going to the loo 60x plus a day for a little piddle that hurts like hell... My husband took the week off as leave to help me but has been more of hinderance than help... We keep arguing that takes even more energy of which I have zero left in the tank and I'm so depressed... just feel so overwhelmed and helpless and am so emotional, noise is a big thing for me I can't stand it and he refuses to put his headset on whilst gaming and has to play shooting games which make me jolt which causes more pain and has to have the TV so loud that I scream because it just can't take it... to watching films on his phone in bed waking me up which means I cannot get back to sleep so my body just isn't recovering.... when trying to cook and clean where my husbands does nothing to alleviate those every day tasks, if I didn't do these things my husbands answer is Uber Eats as it means I don't have to cook or wash up after.... he is a can't cook won't cook man and I am like yeah cos copious amounts of junk food is seriously going to help my energy levels... I'm grateful to my husband because I love him and I know he is having to live with this debilitating conditions as well being married to me... but the arguments are taking its toll... sorry to rant in my first ever post but I know this is a safe space #Fibromyalgia #sensoryhypersensitivity #SafeSpace #Needspace