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I know.

I needed this right now. I've been on the verge of a panic attach for the last hour and I can't seem to calm down enough to feel like I can breathe again, that there's not really a ton of weight sitting on my chest, that even though I feel this way, I'm actually okay and safe.
#PanicAttack #Anxiety #Depression #goaway



Trying to fight the overwhelming feeling of just wanting to sleep all day and night. Hope this isn’t a sign that my #Depression is getting worse. I’ve been in a better place for a good amount of time & wanna remain that way #goaway #MentalHealth


I feel angry today. #angry #Bipolar #goaway #Thisishard

I'm angry today. Just angry for whats happened to me, angry that my husband is being selfish. We have 4 dogs (2 of which he got without telling me) and every morning they wake up at 6 or 7. I struggle with insomnia and even when I've been asleep for maybe an hour he REFUSES to wake up with them. Meaning I have to. He said he would get up with them this morning and he still made me get up because he "felt naseous." The first thought that popped in my head was, oh boo hoo you poor thing are naseous, yeah well welcome to the club of never feeling good get over it and actually pitch in for once. He is just such a child sometimes. And its like he just thinks that even though I'm bipolar he really only needs to be there if I'm going completely fucking crazy.

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#Transgender #trueself

Our daughter came out fuve years ago. Her fathers family disowned her.
Now they know her true name and pronouns but contact me asking how dead name is. I get REAL mama lion on folks! I said "who SHE is living her best life"
#goaway. #yourloss

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Back Again #Depression

Hello world!
I’m back again, thought I’d got rid of it but no. Here I am. Once again.
I can feel it creeping in my brain, the dark cloud of doom telling me everything is all going to shit and ‘why do you want to do that?’ ‘Don’t move there’s no point’
Well I’m telling you, there is a point.
You might be stronger than me right now but I’ll get you out. That’s not a threat it’s a promise.
#MentalHealth #Depression #helpme #goaway


emotional rollercoaster

I sometimes wish I could talk to my thoughts en feelings and tell them to F*k off! Tell my brain and stomach to piss off with them, just because I've fallen in love yet again with a man I've known for a shy 50 minutes. Just because he's sweet and considerate makes me laugh and puts his arm around me. F*ck you feelings! Don't let my foolishness break my heart again! #whydoifallsoquickly #BPD #feelings #Thoughts #goaway


I hate being alone but dont like being around people. #alone

I cant stand being alone when i mentally process me being alone #alone . But when people are with me i just want them to leave most of the time #goaway . But then when they leave i wish they would come back. #comeback

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