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Interest in a podcast specifically for people with chronic illness and/or disability?

Hi all,

I'm brand new here, trying this out for the first time. I'm working on putting together a podcast made by and for people living which chronic illness and/or disability. The goal is to share real stories of how people adapt to their new lives, challenges they've faced, what they've learned, how they cope, and also interviewing professionals who work with people with chronic pain. This is specifically for people who used to live "normal" lives, but had to completely change their lives due to medical issue or trauma. The focus is not on any specific condition, but about how we deal with them.

Does this sound like something appealing to you? What topics would you like to see covered in this podcast? What would be most helpful for you? Also anyone good with computers interested in helping to create the podcast, please send me a message! #neisvoid #disabilitysupport #Spoonies #reimaginelife2 #Chronicpainwarrior

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I am disabled and chronically ill. My boyfriend is nondisabled. We've been together almost five months now, and he's a wonderful man. I get nervous that one day he's going to get sick of me and all my health issues. Does anyone have an tips to cope with and work through that anxiety and fear? #neisvoid #MyastheniaGravis #Fibromyalgia #Endometriosis #Adenomyosis #Disability