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Finally waking up

Finally after 3 cups of coffee I’m finally slowly waking up. I took 3-10 mg melatonin last night so needless to say the “ melatonin hangover” was with me this morning. Today is going to be a rest day and maybe in awhile will be in the mood to work on some music. I find this very relaxing but the mood has to be right. Every member here has the ability to write whether songs or poetry. Some write in their daily journals on their day. I won’t do this as I don’t want to dwell on my pain. Instead I focus on a few words and build around it. I love playing a lot of types of music except a few types. I try and not watch TV as now days is filled with such depression or violence. The news by far is the worst! We all hopefully have found our coping mechanism that get us through this journey. In some ways my injury was a God send. It really taught me what was truly important in life. It’s not material things , it’s the smaller things which was mentioned earlier by another member. It definitely brought me closer to God. I typically wouldn’t share any past work life details but I was injured trying to take care of a patient in a pick up truck that had a semi go off a overpass and land directly on top of his truck. You couldn’t even see his truck. It took a hour and a half to get him out and actually I had a trauma surgeon flown in as we might have had to remove his legs. When the Helecopter took off with him, I honestly thought he would be a fatality. That’s when my physical issues began. 1 and 1/2 years later I received a subpoena as a witness on this call. It was the first time I had seen him since his accident. I walked into this small room and saw him and his wife and his 2 children and as we all hugged each other all of us just cried. Then the court began and he was awarded 3.2 million for his injuries. I know that a wife still has her husband,2 children still have their father. So if I knew what the outcome of my injury would have been before this would I do it again? The answer would be yes in a heart beat. A single life is priceless!…..David

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Swallowing issues

Hello. Ever since the middle of March, I have been struggling with swallowing issues. I ended up going to the ER and they told me it was jsut mg anxiety. Well as time progressed on it just continuously keeps getting worse that I can barely swallow saliva or breathe. I did a swallow study and it came back as normal. Now I have an endoscopy at the end of the month. Can anyone relate or know of any possible related diagnosis’s? I also get very nauseous sometimes and have struggled with IBS my whole life and have absolutely no energy.

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Predisone Side Effects

Earlier in Febuary I got the flu. As I was recovering I started to slowly lose my vision. I was taken to the hospital where we found out I have optic neuritis. Which than later turned into bilateral optic neuritis spreading to both eyes. I was in so much pain and they put me on IV steroids for about 7 days. I then got to go home and take them orally. I started with 80 mg for two weeks and am tapering down to 0. Currently on 30mg. The side effects are making me very depressed. I've gained so much weight in my mid section, neck, and face. I have to have a low sugar and low carb diet to prevent ny blood sugar from spiking. My hair is falling out in clumps. My back hurts, I'm shaky, I'm CONSTANTLY sweating, insomnia, acne on my shoulders, water retention.... you name it.
And still.... we don't know what caused my body to develop optic neuritis. They are doing so many tests for autoimmune. L.. but I just eant answers because I want to see clearly again and not have so much pain.
This is my MOON FACE. I am so scared that it may never go back to normal. I feel so self conscious because when I see people i know they obviously notice how much weight I've gained. #OpticNeuritis #MoonFace #Steroids #MentalHealth #AutoimmuneDisorder #MultipleSclerosis #ChronicIllness

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I will be seeing a new psychiatrist next week. I have felt the need to write in my self esteem workbook almost daily now since Early February. I want to share with doctor how tired the 50 mg hydroxyzine makes feel. I have been diagnosed bipolar 1 taking all my meds to help me relax and be calm . In November went to court first time ever. 4 charges, domestic violence, battery, 2 counts disorderly conduct. Been telling my public defender pleading not guilty. Since husband and neighbor lady provoked my fighting with them. Then was out on administrative leave, sly lady called my Mgr after I was taken in custody . So this Feb. 17th I have no up to date DOT fed med certification to continue my bus job, was fired. Add to this my final court day is on March 11th for charges- angry outburst again w/ spouse and a misdemeanor battery charge (neighbor) who described me outside as insane. I unfortunately got in her face. I explained to Police she was looking to use us for $... When I complained to my husband back in Sept and Oct she is after him for babysitting ( for free) and that he must love her, Cause I don't see him talk to me near long enough but he puts forth effort to visit outside when she and her child are there, conversation without me or her hubs, while continues ignoring me and stopped participating with his own grandkids. he denied everything. He complained about how unfortunate her marriage is. Evidently her own hubs didn't pay for a big electric bill in October. So why'd she feel need to be texting my husband? (a swift, sly move )but yet I was taken into custody. I was telling officer to take me to hospital to help find inpatient hospital. I did eventually get into one in January. Now, I can't even apologize to the neighbor cause of her court order of protection. Any one, gone through a mess similar? Thoughts?#BipolarI #Anxiety #MentalHealth

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Hair Loss

I had a biopsy and bloodwork that confirms Systemic Lupus. I have another month before I am able to see a RA doctor. Appointments are 3 months out for new patients. My dermatologist prescribed 40 mg of Prednisone daily and 200 mg of Hydroxychloroquine. I have been in a flare since August. My hair is falling out daily. It is the full strand not breakage. The bald spots are the size of a nickel. Does anyone know how to treat this?