Im paralyzed. Autistic spectrum, ADHD, ANXIETY, manic depression, OCD

Both of my grandparents passed away with a month of each other this past Dec. They were like parents to me as both of mine are dead.

I lost my job at the same time and I’m losing my home. I’m trying really hard but it’s been becoming increasingly difficult to manage my symptoms. I’m on Adderall and lexapro. Ive tried anxiety meds and I’m waiting on the next one - my dr has been on vacation for 3 weeks. He out a week of every month. I have no health insurance but trying to sign up for a clinic nearby.

I just need help with the day to day. I can’t get anything done because I’m managing myself trying to get unstuck. i feel paralyzed everywhere.

I have no family now and I have no friends anymore. I live alone and have no outlets and I can’t live like this anymore. I just need a real friend. Or some direction. Thanks. #help #Autism #ADHD #lost #nofamily #Nofriends