I think it’s time to get some noise canceling headphones 🙃 My ears need a rest. I need to get my study on and I can hardly focus at all. The 2 year old is screaming both in happy and frustrated ways( it’s that time of night) , the 9 mo old joins her because screaming is fun, the 15 year old is streaming over their noise while doing chores, the 21 yr old streaming as well but also on phone call on speaker phone. Upstairs guy got his music pumping. No where to go just got to deal. I’m trying cotton balls in ears, headband , full sweatshirt rolled and wrapped around head with my fluffy blanket topping the madness😳 I CAN STILL HERE EVERYTHING! I can even hear my neighbors car purring as it idles in the driveway.
Well I tried🙃Now just looking crazy and desperate and also hilarious so I thought I’d share before the weight of this contraption takes me down!!!
Other than headphones, do any of you wonderful Mighty people have suggestions for calming the noise sensitivity?
Do you notice a trigger for noise sensitivity or do you always have it?
Mine comes and goes.
I’d love to “ hear” your thoughts on the matter👂🙉❣️