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Feeling defeated Incontinence strikes again! #CerebralPalsy #OAB #BladderIncontinence #Depression

Man these last 6 months my incontinence accidents have really amped up

(SO #depressed )

I HAVE DEALTH WITH ACCIDENTS AT LEAST ONCE A DAY MY ENTIRE LIFE...have been using disposable underwear 20 yrs. NEVEVR have I wet through the all untill July!

I started wetting though.... NEW: without the sensation to go! SO MY Clothes(MY WHEELCHAIR SEAT STAYS WET because of wear damage is to exposed cushion & wood) & floors are now getting soaked..

SO TIRED & defeated I struggle to even bother bathing--WHY? WET SEAT GETS clean clothes wet anyway! SIGH!

So Jan 9th, I started taking the Better Bladder supplement...

I'll be taking 3 weeks this coming Monday.

At week 2 I noticed I had 5 hrs between bathroom visits HOPE is helping...

UNTILL last night. I went 4 x barely holing it.

THEN this morning ---I WET THROUGH

DOES ANYBODY TAKE BETTER BLADDER supplement? How was your experience? Is this common while getting to the 8 wks for best results mark?

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Medication barely working!

I've taken several different medications for my #NightWetting . I'm currently taking #Vesicare 10mg. I take it about 30 mins before bed. In addition I also manage my fluid intake very very strictly. Vesicare is definitely more effective than any other #OAB #Medication I've taken but still with all these measures in place I still have accidents about 4 times a week. I'm disgusted with this. I feel like there's no hope in sight. I wear an overnight #diaper to bed every time I go to sleep which frustrates me more than anything. Anyone taking medication/s that actually eliminate their #bladder issues?
#Enuresis #overactive bladder #Incontinence #OABMedications #NocturnalEnuresis #AdultDiapers #UrgeIncotinence