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This Bed, Incontinence, and Fat Me

This motel bed is worn out from my fat body and the limited space I have on it. I sit up on the bed, and my abdomen sits over my legs, and it causes my right thigh a lot of discomfort. I can't find a position that works except leaning back and to the left, but then I have my phone too close to my eyes (and most positions I sit in, I fall into leaning forward, so the phone's too close to my eyes even then. Leaning back doesn't always help, either.

The bed I'd sunk in, and the times I've wet the bed (yes, I use bed pads, but when I've emptied my full bladder, it's not enough, plus my boyfriend only gets the cheapest bed pads and underwear, and they don't even carry my size in any brand in the stores.

Yes, I *am* trying to lose weight, but I'm limited as to what I can eat, and when I stay at the motel instead of going out, like I did today (because I'm sick), I have to rely on what my boyfriend's willing to get me. I only eat one meal a day, and a bag of chocolates as a snack. It's terrible, I know, but it's hard to find healthy snacks you don't have to refrigerate, especially if you crave sweets.

I'm getting drowsy again, so I'm going to stop here.

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Medication barely working!

I've taken several different medications for my #NightWetting . I'm currently taking #Vesicare 10mg. I take it about 30 mins before bed. In addition I also manage my fluid intake very very strictly. Vesicare is definitely more effective than any other #OAB #Medication I've taken but still with all these measures in place I still have accidents about 4 times a week. I'm disgusted with this. I feel like there's no hope in sight. I wear an overnight #diaper to bed every time I go to sleep which frustrates me more than anything. Anyone taking medication/s that actually eliminate their #bladder issues?
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