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× I'm Done I Have No Family Anymore... I Have Alway's Felt Like A Black Sheep. × #Disappointed #sad #Angery

× Sooo Since I Was A Newborn Me And My Twin Brother Were Put Up For Adoption In 1984. My Brith Mother I Guess Didn't Want Damaged Babies With Cerebral Palsy...Learning Disabilities Etc. We Got Adpoted By A Mexican Family That Already Had Another Foster Kid Aka My Sister. But She's Not My Sister She's Adopted Also. In Short One Of My Older Brother's Decided To Send Me Nasty Mean Text's. Saying That I Need To Get My S$%t Together × And Get On Disability ASAP. I Have Tried They Take Six Month's To Apply. I Have Gotten Denied Already. And Everyone I Have Talked To With SSA Write's Me Off. Telling Me That I Need To Be In A Wheelchair. In Order To Get Disability In TX. I Gave Up Because It's Too Much Stress. That's Why I Would Rather Work. Ever Since I Have Moved Back Here. It Has Been Nothing But Asking Me Question's About Money. I Walked Away From My 17 Year Marriage With Nothing. No Spousal Support Ethier. Today My Brother Really Showed His True Color's. He Texted Me. To Stay The Hell Away From Everyone. And To Pretty Much F%%% Off. I Might As Well Play Dead Then. Sincerely S.K.#NoFamilyAnymore #Onmyown

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Little Steps, Big Move

Big things are happening and this is my first time being alone. But I’m learning to believe in myself first, it helps. Along with the medications. But I’m learning to be alone for the first time and I honestly describe that in a feeling, but it’s a good feeling. #52SmallThings #newapartment #Onmyown #Depression #SocialAnxiety #Anxiety