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United Health Care Pushing Opioids Instead of Covering Procedures

Now let me start by saying I'm not adverse to opioids in the right circumstances, but we all know what a mess Purdue Pharma and others have made. Anyhow, my partner's back conditions continue to worsen. He's tried every single treatment available to him. Nothing works except a Radio Frequency Ablation which has to be done every 6 months. At the end of the 6 months period last time he had a job change which of course means a change of health insurance. He went from BCBS which was amazing for him to United Health Care and Oxford. They have basically tried to kill him over and over again.
Their latest idea was to put him through unnecessary test injections before the RFA which they openly approved as medically necessary. Then even though he had over 80 percent reduction in pain, they denied it as not medically necessary. They did it all through the appeals process and it is abhorrent.
Then the other day we get a call from one of the insurance reps asking about his conditions and openly pushing opioids as an alternative to the surgery when he first off can't take them because the interactions with his medications (which he had just finished confirming his med list with the rep) would be catastrophic. It is just beyond horrific honestly. And after the first no I'm good on Opioids, that should have been the end of it. In fact it shouldn't have even been brought up by them as a suggestion. It was terrifying honestly to think that this is still happening despite court cases and the amount of public backlash and everything. Direct from the of course publically traded United Health Care (and of course the whole Optum Pharmacy management branch who they own). I am appalled. I am disgusted. I am beyond enraged.
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#opiod crisis

Before this opiod crisis I had a life.It was not the life I wanted but I was able to go a few places with my family.My life changed due to the opiod crisis the medicine I was taking to keep my pain manageable was going to be reduced 70 percent because people were overdosing and dieing and it wasn't bexause they were in pain.It was really hard every month my medicine went down and my pain increased.I stopped living and I now spend most of my time in bed while everyone else is able to live there life pain free.It was nice that I found other people who understood what i was going thru although I would not wish this pain on anyone.It does upset me when a life is lost due to an overdose in fact I lost a dear friend because she was taking heroine and she died.She took it to get high.I don't know how long I can last dealing with all this pain so I am trying everything I can to reduce my pain.I took CBD oil and it helped some but I had to stop it because it had Thc in it.I have had every injection there is and my nerves burnt and recently I had a spinal fusion and decompression surgery and I am praying it will help.