It was apparently a very long time since I posted. When I saw my username was Helen Risdon, it startled me. I wondered how to change it because it hasn’t been that legally since 2015.

A shout out to The Mighty App building leadership team. It was easy to figure out how to change it & put a picture that uplifts me. I hope it uplifts you.

By joining the “Distract Me” group today, it did accomplish that. Now it is time to get back to the serious purpose that I was trained & gifted to accomplish in my retirement years…connecting to others who are taking massive action to weave the equitable, respectful foundational, inflation-proof, Caring & Sharing Economy. That sounds just like all who Dreamed Up & took action to launch or participate in The Mighty App! I am “Grandmothering In” anyone who wants to learn with, and from, each other. That is how to have the best life possible moment to moment! I call those kind of volunteer people “Wellness Weavers”. Everyone of us are “The Mighty Wellness Weavers”. Here’s a hand-drawn graphic on a weathered board that represents us...and the Global2local GreenBiz WOMAN, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network of businesses & nonprofits that connect their present-future& retired employees, affiliates, customers about #TheMighty #WellnessWeavers and our #Empowerment model that addresses #attitude #Positivity #ShiftOurFocus #Outcomes #LivingResearch #cer (Comparative Effective Research) for those who want #Support to process our #aces1 (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and our #ACEs2 (Adult Crisis Experiences)