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    Pediatric Pancreatic Cancer

    I am here for my son Max.

    Max is an intelligent mature, amazing little man who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2022.

    He came to me with concerns of the whites of his eyes starting to yellow. He was a jaundiced.

    He was taken to the emergency room, and there were thoughts. He had hepatitis or mono, and really a wide range of things.

    Less than a week later at a follow up appointment with the pediatrician, we were informed he was having organ failure, mainly his liver, and we were rushed to University of Missouri hospital.

    A few days later, they’ve started using the word cancer, and he was then diagnosed with a primary neoplasm of the pancreatic head.

    This never happens. His situation is so rare that there is no protocol for any treatment. There are no protocols for symptoms or anything that he’s going through whatsoever at all.

    He was due to have a Whipple procedure done which at the very last minute was decided against by his medical team, due to inflammation of the portal vein from a previous endoscopic ultrasound and biopsy.

    He is now receiving treatment of chemotherapy drugs, which he has had one treatment he started this week.

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    I am 11 years old and was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer after noticing jaundice of my eyes. I was also enduring liver failure due to this with no symptoms.


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is mightymax. I am here for my son, Max, who is 11 years old and has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2022.
    #MightyTogether #PancreaticCancer #Cancer

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is Daniel. The last 2 years have been some of the hardest in my entire life. In January 2021 my Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and then after collapsing and being rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer as well. My wife and I got pregnant in June 2021, and suffered a miscarriage in August. My Dad had Whipple Surgery in October. When his health continued to degrade, they discovered in December 2021 that he did not in fact have Pancreatic cancer, but Distal Bile Duct Cancer. It had already spread to his peritoneum, and he told he had 6 months to live. My wife became pregnant again in January. My Dad died at home on May 19th, 2022. I started Therapy for the first time in my life in July, after dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation since I was a teenager. As the due date of our child grew nearer, I only got worse, culminating in over 10 panic attacks within 2 days. My therapist suspected I had Intrusive Thought OCD. I made an appointment with a Psychiatrist for the first time, and as I was gathering symptomology for my appointment, I stumbled upon a short list of possible symptoms for ASD, and my jaw dropped. That was September 11th, 2022. I now have been diagnosed with ASD with Anxiety, Severe Social Anxiety, and ADHD. Navigating being a new parent, and identifying triggers for Sensory Overload in the midst of all this has been overwhelming. It is very, very hard.

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #Migraine #AutismSpectrumDisorder #ADHD #actuallyautistic

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    A rough year

    It’s been a very tough year for me! I lost my husband to Glioblastoma 3 years ago. I miss him terribly but I know I will make it.
    Then my Stepdad’s Pancreatic Cancer came back mid-2021 and Mom started drinking heavily and not taking care of herself. She should have probably been in therapy and/or antidepressants years ago. She is a narcissist and always in competition with me my whole life. She ended up in the hospital in November 2021 with Wernicke’s Syndrome and Stepdad died in December 2021.
    Being the responsible oldest (and only daughter) I moved her in with me…it was a disaster!! She was verbally abusive and basically has dementia now. She needed more care than I could provide. My brother actually cussed me out, telling me “I told you not to move her in” and I had a full-blown panic attack.
    I’ve moved her into a Memory Care facility and she’s much nicer to visit, although I still feel anxiety every time. She has no concept of time, where she is or who is alive or dead…but she’s taken care of and healthy. I’m still trying to unravel my Stepdad’s estate, bills, investments, etc so I can start using HER money to pay for her care. I’m currently paying until I wrap this up.
    I’m feeling very overwhelmed and overloaded with my own stuff, my bills plus her bills, taking care of my house AND her house (until we can clean it out and sell). The worst is the feeling of being so alone…my husband is gone, my stepdad is gone and my Mom is gone!! I feel like a juggler who keeps getting balls added. Ever time I “waste” time I feel so guilty…like I should have been being productive (despite my body telling me to take a break).
    I’m just so tired of this awful anxiety and responsible feeling. 💜

    #AbuseSurvivors #ChronicIllness #AnkylosingSpondylitis

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    # day to day event 6-18-22 and days prior

    I have talked before abt the first psychiatrist I ever saw. I saw him when I was 25. He dropped me as a patient w / o any support because I would not go into a psychiatric hospital. I was a 25 year old or (maybe 26 )teacher at the time. I became very I’ll. I never fully recovered I don’t think. That was 50 yrs ago.
    I found this psychiatrist is still practicing. I left him a voicemail saying he ruined my life . I hated the hospital.
    I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t know if he remembered me or not.

    I feel a lone. My husband tries to talk w me as much as he can. But, I don’t think he comprehends how I feel or what I talk about.

    I found out abt a month ago my sister has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

    I also found out abt a month ago I have a life changing health issue.

    I pray when I can. Tonight w the fact that my neighbor moved away - I need to chipper up. Life awaits.


    New Medication?

    In the last six months my Fibromyalgia has "gone nuclear" as I put it. I've had the diagnosis for 11 years, but recently the intensity of pain/brain fog/losing balance/and other symptoms has grown, and the length of my flare-ups has increased as well. Honestly, I've just been dealing with. After so many tests this last year for whooping cough, pancreatic cancer, viral pneumonia, and bipolar disorder, I just didn't want to go in.

    But last week I decided to see my PCP. He wasn't surprised that it had intensified over time, which is I guess a good sign that he has dealt with it before. I don't know if I'm allowed to post medication names here, but he started me on Savella. I'm wondering if anyone else had been on this medication, and if their outcomes were good. Thank you in advance!


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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is Jkenyon80. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

    #MightyTogether #ChronicPancreatitis #whipple #PancreaticCancer #Anxiety #ADHD


    This isn’t just about pancreatic cancer but I’m trying keep my husband’s electrolytes up. Any recommendations for something that isn’t sweet?