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    Mums Got picks disease

    I’m so very sad for my mum as picks disease has taken her life from us & her. Don’t think she has long on this Earth now?.


    feel scared#

    Have began to feel scared that something bad is gona happen.
    Maybe Death not sure.
    My mum jus been diagnosed with
    Picks disease also known as (frontotemporal Dementia.)
    since then my head been all over place.
    l have fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety etc etc. herniated discs .
    Feel sad not able to get out.


    Watching the changes

    in my loved one with. FTD. is painful. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing both of us a disservice by keeping in contact.

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    The Mighty Climb

    The mountains I’ve climbed are huge
    For that I can be sure,
    Each time I reach the peak I tell myself, “Hooray for you’ve been true!”

    The descent is long and often hard
    As I reflect on all the pain,
    With hope and love I tell myself “I won’t do that again!”

    But God in his infinite wisdom
    Has other ideas for me,
    He whispers in my ear, “It’s not time to be set free.”

    So the ascent begins again for me
    Without a second thought,
    The fight for another loved one
    Certainly will not “be lost.”

    As I make my way down the mountain again
    I know one thing to be true,
    My love for each of those I fight for
    Is unconditional and totally pure.

    My dear student Erin, your battle with Leukemia
    You never really fought alone,
    For those who stood beside you
    Forever changed and witnessed you “going home.”

    My dearest daughter Molly
    I’m so sorry, I wasn’t told soon enough,
    The assault you suffered so young
    Allowed you to survive and grow strong and tough.

    My mother, Brenda, my best friend
    Pick’s Disease robbed you of your mind,
    But I fought with you through your battle
    And your love today still shines.

    My father Bob, my hero
    You survived a heart attack and car accident with grace,
    I thank God you survived that battle
    And I again get to see your face.

    The mountain I currently climb
    I must do alone,
    Depression is a paralyzing journey
    But I plan on making it home!

    #MightyPoets #Leukemia #PicksDisease ##physicalassult #CarAccident #HeartAttack #Depression #survival