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Car accident

#PTSD #CarAccident
Was in a car accident Tuesday last week. Van behind me crashed into me at least 40mph.
Police report all done and insurance notified. They have admitted fault.
I am in so much pain and hurting. Pain in my neck, back, head. All over really.

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I'm an Idiot #CarAccident #Depression #Anxiety #OCD #stressed #overwhelmed

I was in a car accident yesterday. I'm so mad at myself. I was so stupid. It was just a bump but I got a ticket (which I deserved), and that messed with my OCD. I don't want to get a lawyer and go to court again! There should be an easier way to deal with this. My boyfriend is annoyed with me. What an exhausting day. I'm getting drowsy, but I'd hoped to get things done tonight. I'm so hot. The police officer saw the mess in my car. 😣


When the frightening reality randomly sets in. #MightyTogether #Anxiety #PTSD #Trauma #CarAccident

Sometimes whenever I am going down the road driving, everything will be fine and dandy despite the fact that I was in a couple accidents that made me relatively skittish in a vehicle.

Years back in 2013 I was in an accident where I was the passenger and my roommate slammed us into the back of a vehicle who was wrecked into the vehicle in front of them, I wasn't wearing a seatbelt so needless to say I'm pretty lucky that I got off with what I had. My head hit the windshield pretty hard, pretty sure the airbag is what prevented me from going completely through the windshield everything happened so quick I can't really remember how everything played out exactly. I do remember blacking out and immediately freaking out wanting to be out of the vehicle and having to kick the door open because it was slightly jammed.

There was a female police officer that was behind us apparently and she was already standing there and it was the look on her face that scared me more than anything. Right about the time she said, " oh honey you need to sit down. ", Is whenever I felt the blood coming down my face and the panic set in. I had a pretty nasty gash in my head but other than that I was okay. All in all it wasn't that bad of an accident however it made me absolutely terrified to ride passenger with anyone.

It does not matter who it is or how safe of a driver you are I am not going to be comfortable and I will be holding on for dear life like I'm on a roller coaster without a seat belt on, and anytime a vehicle in front of us hits the brakes I'm going to tense up and be like whoa whoa whoa. I'm actually quite a nuisance to ride with and ever since I got my own car back in 2016 I have only rode in the car with someone else probably 10 to 15 times Max because there's just no way that I can get comfortable and the whole experience is horrible for me.

Before that accident, I was in another one with another one of my friends not even a year before that one and we were turning left into a QT and there was two lanes of traffic that we had to go through and the one that was in the left lane had a lot of cars blocking it and the woman went to say that we could go through, like whenever you stop and let a car turn into a area or whatever, so we went to turn in but we didn't see the vehicle coming on the other side of her so when we were turning I turned my head to the right and there was another car coming flying and smacked into my side of the door. The passenger side.

That was a pretty nasty accident as well, it crushed the door and shoved my seat inward towards the middle of the car and I smacked heads with my friend. I just remember her screaming asking me if I was okay I was fairly okay A little shooken up that was the first accident I had ever been into. Apparently it shoved us into another car as well so that was a three car accident and she was at fault because she technically pulled out in front of the car that hit us. That wasn't too bad on my passenger anxiety, it was the other one where we hit the back end of the car infront of us that really did it in for me.

I was pretty good driving having little driving anxiety because I was the one in control, open till about a year and a half ago whenever a street sweeper truck hit the car that was in front of me while I was taking my boyfriend to work one morning, and came directly head on at me and I was forced to swerve and I went down into a ditch. A fairly deep ditch at that, and it hit the car that was behind me on the side and totaled it. I'm not sure how I was able to make a quick decision like that but I guess I figured that it would be better to take the risk of going down into that ditch then getting hit head on by this huge truck flying at me. And when I say head on I literally mean head on.

This big thing was literally completely in my Lane and by the time I got out of the way and was going down into that ditch he had barely missed my mirror on the left side and I sort of thought that he was going to drive on top of me in the ditch because that's how deep it was. Anyways, the woman in the vehicle that he hit in front of us was trapped inside of the car it was flipped up on its side and the horn was just going off and we could hear her screaming for help so we ran up the hill, more like climbed up the hill, and I had to hold the door open which was pretty heavy with the vehicle being on its side it was some form of an SUV, and my boyfriend had to climb in and help this woman climb out.

You can smell gas and the horn was just blaring so loud, our adrenaline was pumping and we were breathing so hard the cold November air was burning our lungs. We got the lady out and checked on the man behind us who also got hit he was actually very calm. The street sweeper had taken the front of his car off and apparently the bumper to the street sweeper flew and hit the car behind the car behind us so in total it was like a five-car accident.

The man who was driving the street sweeper stayed in the truck the entire time. He never once got out to check to see if anyone was okay not even the woman whose car was flipped up on its side. Not even us who was pretty much nose-dive into a deep ditch, and not the man whose entire front of the vehicle was ripped off. Evidently he had not slept the day prior and he was working third shift and fell asleep at the wheel. Everyone was ok.

Now though, my driving anxiety can be overwhelming because I feel like I'm reliving seeing someone coming at me head on. I will be so tense, my head will feel like it's about to pop off and I will be so irritated. This isn't all the time thank goodness. But there are times where I will be riding down the road and the reality of how dangerous this world is will sit in. It's like I realize that we tried to normalize sitting in these little metal death traps flying 50 mph and up around each other like it's normal or something.

The reality of how quick somebody could just look down at their phone and come flying at you and severely mangle or kill you or someone else or themselves or someone you love etc. The reality that vehicles are so dangerous and people don't respect them. It can really get to me sometimes because people don't take it serious enough and it's actually quite a dangerous world we live in. We're literally driving around in these little death traps and we have our lives and everyone else on the roads lives in our hands and people just don't think of it that way and it scares me.

I will think about it almost obsessively sometimes, especially during the summertime because school is out and more kids are driving around on the roads and they're not experienced and they get distracted easier and all in all I just feel like there are more accidents during the summer time and a lot of them where I live are younger people. The weather is nice right now and there's more people out and about drinking and partying and then thinking that they can just drive home. There's just many factors that make summertime more dangerous on the roads and nothing about that a lot around this time of year.

I also do not have social media other than this app, and I don't really check it very often I really just use it as a means to vent because sometimes I feel like even if only one person reads what I write and responds it's almost like that is better than riding it down in a journal where no one else can read it. I don't know if that makes sense to you or not and I highly doubt that there's anyone who will read this far into my rant.

But anyways, I don't have any other form of social media so I don't keep up with things or people around my area so I check the news on my phone and see how many people are dying on the road, it is very triggering to me. I guess what I'm saying is, sometimes the reality of how dangerous life is is painful, terrifying, and traumatic.

It's strange to me how the world has normalized this. I guess we don't have a choice.


Question for the doctors

If I were to post a picture before I was in my car accident and a photo of me now, could any of you explain why I look the way I do??🥴😅 I feel like my neck injury has made my body and face deformed and i just wanna know if i can do some kind of physical therapy or something?? Cause i hate this #Whiplash #permanentwhiplash #CarAccident #Fibromyalgia

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I could use some help #Stress #CPTSD #CarAccident

Hello everyone. It's been a Long Time since I posted something here. I try my Heart out to find peace and wisdom. I work on it everyday. And then I had this car accident on tuesday. A car hit me from the back, by surprise, when I was waiting at a red light.
And now I feel unsafe again, scared and so very stressed. My muscles hurt due to stress and My mind runs wild. Don't know how to overcome this. Feels like I have to start over from the beginning. It is frustrating.
I know you might understand. One more trauma and it feels like ruining every step I made.
Thank you for Reading this and let me know how you manage the daily or common stress due to accident or something else.

Send love and support and this beautiful flower named double daffodil. I love its signification. It helps to go through hard Times 🌞💛

#CPTSD #Survivor


Hey all.

I’ve had a fibro diagnosis for 11 years. It’s been tossed around that I have myofascial pain syndrome as well. Recently I’ve started PT for the millionth time and this time seems more hopeful to be honest. We’ve tried dry needling this time and it sent me into one of the worst flares in a while. I haven’t had normal range of motion in two weeks and it cracks every time I move it. Super tight muscles, huge hard as rock knots and headaches all day everyday. I have a theracane and use hot and cold. Literally nothing works. No relief what so ever. I’ve had trigger point injections multiple times as well. Does it ever get better? I’m a very motivated patient and will do anything to feel better. I’ve done meds, diets, PT, swimming, exercising, stretching, trigger point injections, cortisone shots. Literally everything I can think of. Am I doomed? I hate life. I have three children that are high needs. My husband can’t tough me without being in pain. I’m tired of pain medication. Eventually trying medical cannabis soon. Any input or advice appreciated. #MyofascialPainSyndrome #Fibromyaliga #triggerpoints #Lumbarfusion #CarAccident #MedicalCannabis #PainManagement


#trigger #PTSD #CarAccident

Someone in the house burned popcorn.. triggered the smell of waking up in a burning car. Can’t sleep now.. my head is killing me and I’m sick to stomach.

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I can’t stop worrying

Hi all. I recently was in a car accident, I hit a deer and it did significant damage to my vehicle. I am completely fine, and I am very thankful that it was not a serious accident.

I can’t stop worrying about my vehicle. I am getting it fixed soon, but I’m just devestated by the accident. It’s a brand new vehicle that I have only had for a month that I’ve been saving for a long time. It just hurts me so bad that this happened. I know that these feelings will fade, especially after it is fixed, but it is hard to deal with. I don’t know how to stop worrying. #CarAccident #Worrying #Anxiety