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Life is full of irony!

<p>Life is full of irony!</p>
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Womens Heart Attack#HeartAttack

Could a woman that's had a Heart attack tell me what it felt like? I am not going a&e because of several horrific experiences unless I'm sure. I have heart desease but never Heart Attack. #HeartAttack

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I screwed up again 🙃

It's difficult to see who is friend and who is trying to scam you.
This is an apology to the person that I wrongfully assumed was trying to scam me.
I'm sorry, I really, really am. I jumped to the wrong conclusions about your intentions, and I hope you can forgive me for this.
On my behalf though, I get so many messages from people with bad intentions that I wrongfully assumed yours were.
I'm sorry 😞 and hope you forgive me.

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So shocked.

My uncle just had a serious heart attack & I don't know what to think. Other than the hugely annoying fact that he's over 300 miles away. It would take me 5hrs to get there by train.
I'm completely knackered if I've been on the train 15 minutes, so he might as well be on a different planet to me. Ugh.
#Disability #ChronicIllness #heart #HeartAttack

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Please tell me what you think?

I'm hoping this isn't a stupid question, but curiosity is my middle name.
I have a lot of back problems and get an MRI every year to check how fast the deterioration is progressing, and one question has always come to mind.
Wouldn't an MRI, performed while standing upright, be more accurate than while laying down and relaxed? Wouldn't it show more accurately how much compression that the disc's are going through? I don't claim to be a scientist or anything, but it makes sense to me.

#and -so-on-with-more

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What is your take on this quote?

<p>What is your take on this quote?</p>
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Frustrated and Useless During #COVID19

As I posted a couple months back, I recently started work in medical research at a public university (which shall remain unnamed). Thanks to #COVID19 , the university laid off all student medical researchers, a move which we are calling....questionable...for one of the country's top virology research labs. It's supposed to be our badge of honor that my university was the first to virtually model the protein structure of Ebola virus. But now the research labs are empty and the campus is evacuated.

I'm going to be honest, I haven't worked with active viral strains in almost two years. My research project was in pharmacokinetics--which is the study of how drugs are transported throughout the body. I've been laid off without my last paycheck. All projects which aren't related to #COVID19 have been shut down.

My overdose research team stayed on the lab bench until the 11th hour, trying to force some kind of meaningful data out of the experimental models we had already started. But we didn't have the time. It's all garbage. At least one of my teammates was forced to return to his home country in Columbia and the project is officially dead. Everything has ground to a halt. My #HeartAttack design team is still hoping we can piece an algorithm together online, or a physical model if we start up again in August. Patents seem like a laughable dream right now. Fortunately our online meetings for that one aren't completely screwed, because there are no flights back to Lebanon and my teammates are stranded in the same time zone as me.

I was supposed to start a Research and Development internship this summer, but I expect to be let go from that any day now. Goodness knows, the last thing we ought to be doing is BUILDING HOSPITAL INFRASTRUCTURE.

I guess that's why we're all so frustrated. Medical schools and nursing programs are graduating people early because they need people on the floor. Meanwhile, engineers and scientists are sitting at home, watching the news, and having irritable thoughts like: "If I can build an ECG machine by hand, I bet I could build a respirator." "It's the same design principle as an #HIV test. I've run a dozen HIV tests. This shouldn't be taking longer than an hour."

Then, there's the moment of fear, where I try to remind myself that I'm a few months shy of graduation. I'm just a research assistant. I probably can't actually do all the things I want to think I can do. I'm actually a relatively useless human being, and even if I could go back into the lab, I might not be brave enough to do it.

But I'm also frustrated with inaction on the part of people who definitely CAN help. One of my professors has developed an at-home, 30 minute #COVID19 test strip, but she can't mass produce it because she's waiting on research grants. Right now, we just sit at home crunching data from "virtual trials" because she can't go into human or animal trials without government approval.

#Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #quarantine

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I have been in a sea of trying to get my doctor on track with me.
I have been dealing with candida that has taken over my mouth sense before #Christmas and so far she has thrown #Diflucan at it and #nystatin rinse at it along with me doing a #candida cleanse nothings working.
Now she wants to cut my #Topamax because I’m wanting to change from my #Plaquenil to #Benlysta due to my chronic #Nightmares that make me feel like I’m suffering a #HeartAttack nightly. When I do sleep…
Anyone have any sort of experience in these areas?
#Fibromyalgia #BipolarDepression

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weird heart attack

So a couple months ago, I was sitting reading the news on my phone, when I felt like I had to burp, but not really...
Got up to drink bubble water, couldn’t really swallow it. kept feeling weird, then started a burning sensation outward around my chest to my back, then up my neck and down my arms. I knew this wasn’t my usual panic attack and got husband to drive me to ED. so meant short of breath, never really bad pain. Just such a an odd feeling.
crazy high BP and pulse at ED.
blood work showed heart attack. was sent to major hospital 2 hours away by ambulance. After heart cath next day, was shown to be SCAD; Spontaneous Coronary Aterial Dissection. somewhat rare, not really caused by blockages.
they said symptoms were very typical of female presentation for heart attack.
So if you feel like you need to burp, sort of, and a burning sensation around your ribs, sort of, get to the hospital, STAT!!
I had no procedures other than the cath, given a beta blocker and a statin, likely temporary, and a daily baby aspirin. Told to pretty much slowly go back to my regular routine.
just want others to know to pay attention to any sensations that seem different at all to your usual pains or symptoms.
I knew this wasn’t the fibro, the anxiety, exercise induced soreness, nothing I’d had before.
Pay attention to your body.
They say this can be cause by stress or extreme hormonal changes.
I had no blockages and was told my arteries all looked fine except for one tiny vein. #SCAD #HeartAttack

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