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If you had one or two piece'piece's of advice to give yourself or someone else, what would it be? #playalong #EverythingsGoingToBeOkay #Advice

My advice, I have two.
1. To my younger self; please be patient and kind to yourself. You have no idea that your mental state isn't like everyone else's. You think, and feel in a completely different way and that makes you stand out.
2. To whomever reads this, my advice is do some self care. Even if it's five minutes and something silly. You are worth it, also be less hard on yourself. It's okay to not be ok. We are in this together!

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What I have leaverrned From Horror Movies #Musings #Silly

Deep thoughts by Jess.

What I have learned through watching horror movies. Please feel free to add your own lessons in the comments!

-do not take a shower while hosting a party
-do not go down the stairs
-if all your friends are dead and you are a virgin you are the final girl and will win so no worries.
-do not run away while screaming and crying and trying to hide from the supernatural dead guy. Just a note. They can hear you.
-just leave the dead body alone
-crocodiles are only out for blood, human blood.
-never explore a cave that has not been explored before. You will all die. Usually by drowning or your friends turning on you while the monsters hunt you down. So. Caves are a no.
- if you meet an attractive man who offers to take you to a kick ass party in another country while on vacation with your attractive skinny friends, do not go. You will die.
-do not get in the plane, in the car or on the bus if you had a premenition. You will die.
-unless you are a hot young virgin you will die.
-if you are anything other than white. You will die.
-if you are a hot guy dating a hot girl and you go camping, you will both die.

Okay that is a lot. Can you think of anything I missed? #Fun #Movies #Silly #playalong

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