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#political I believe that a lot of people who need help don't always get the right help they need. Like homeless people doing drugs or taking drugs because they aren't able to get the therapy or the. meanal health drugs are too expensive.
It's sad but true. Our priorities are not right at all. Our government in the 🇺🇸 is trying to get better but we are all sick in this world with something it could be really illness to drugs to prescription. To even cutting our self just to feel like a human.
And don't get me started on hospitals. there is enough mental health to go around. Like the mental health hospitals are always too full. Plus I know when someone ends up homeless and they didn't use drugs before they for sure will when they are on the streets cuz they are self medicating themselves. There life sucks balls who would want to be sober for that? No one in there right mind would. So maybe by self medicating it's a way to check out cuz if they didn't they could snap and end up killing themselves and or others.
Comment below tell me your struggles hand how you cope with life on a daily bases