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Why I can’t get a job | TW social pressure

Why I feel like I can’t get a job as an adult

1. Hate being under a lot of pressure
2. Fear of being misgendered (social dysphoria is pretty bad)
3. Don’t want to be involved in any drama or competition that could happen
4. Could end up getting a rude boss
5. Feel like I wouldn’t be payed fairly either way
6. Right now, it’s not even for the money
7. I end up losing motivation for things I like to do on some days
8. I dropped out of school due to high levels of stress and trauma and unfairness and am not planning to finish due to stress and trauma, so there’s less of a chance for me anyway
9. I already get stressed out even by things that seem so small (I am ashamed of this)

Why I feel like I want to

1. Because it’s considered a norm in society and I don’t wanna be judged as a “lazy individual” who still lives with their parents /neg

#SocialAnxiety #Pressured #Autism #Job #hopeless

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So I’ve seen two different therapists now. The first one just different click with me. So this second one, I like her. But, both of them have pressured me to ride the local transit bus here. I’m terrified. I have anxiety which I’ve told them. They act like it’s so easy. This last one wants me to take the bus to see her, which there are no stops by her office, I have to get off several blocks from her, know exactly where this little sign is, pull the handle, get off the bus, then walk across this business area to her office. I’m totally freaking out! I have no anxiety meds. No primary doctor yet. Am I wrong for feeling like they are pushing me to do something I’m not ready to do yet?! I’m so overwhelmed with all my recent health issues, plus moving to a completely new state where we don’t know anyone, I have no car, I’m not on antidepressants. My depression is in high gear. I just want to give up. #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Therapy

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