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Do you ever feel like you're running on #Anxiety and #IcedCoffee ?

This sounds kind of funny... But ever since I started my new job.. my anxiety has been through the roof. It has been a #struggle for me because my level of stress is high because of all the events that happen. Working inside of a car dealership is difficult sometimes. I #Love what I do, but my #Job can sometimes be draining.

What do you do?

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So annoyed!

I’m so annoyed! My boss flat out lied to me! I was hired under the impression that I would be taking up an editing position and all I’ve been doing for about a year is sales. I’m not a sales person and have no experience in this area. I’ve been looking for a new job but feel stuck, I’m taking a family vacation in about four weeks and am super stressed and nervous.

On the other side of things, my small side business has finally started taking off but my mom just doesn’t care and wants me to keep my full time job as well as this stupid job with the lying boss.

What I want to persue is a part time position so I have more time for my side hustle.

I’m so tired of just existing and not living and now I finally have the chance to live and it’s being taken from me because my mom doesn’t get it.

#Job #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Depression

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Monday Meltdown

#Depression #Anxiety #Aging #Stress #Job

I'm funked up. Too long to explain. Need to go back to work; cry break is over.

How yall doing?

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I just wanna scream

#scream is something that would feel #good right now... But will it #help ?? I have been #struggling a lot and it has not been the #best #Feeling ever. Tonight I went over my recent #Events of #Life and thought that perhaps I had fell behind somehow.

I am #Trying to see what is #True !

What can I do to feel better about this #Job life? (And trying to find something more meaningful).

Please #helpme

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It's a Long Haul

Hey Friends. How are you today? I hope you are well.

Today I thought about how much it #sucks when you are trying to get a #Job . My friend contacted me earlier today and was in tears because she is struggling to find work. Why is this so #difficult ??!!

I know how #Challenging it is to just find a job, but to keep one is also another challenge. Do you have a #MentalIllness ? I do. #BipolarDisorder is not fun. There are days where I have more #Energy than I would need, and then there are days where my mind is so #foggy that I cannot #think straight. It's #awful but I do what it is that I have to do to try and get by.

Whatever your struggle is... whether it is #Trying to find a #Job or if you are trying to keep your job... I'm here for you.


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Burnt out.

Hi everyone.
Tomorrow, I have to go back to work after 2 weeks of panic attacks. I cannot stop crying. My belly hurts. I wanna disappear. I hate my job.
I dont have any money. I cannot stop. I feel like I'm drowning. How does this end ?

#Burnout #Anxiety #Job

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So I quit my job

My doctor approved a 2 month medical leave for me, starting March 15. It has been a journey with a lot of feelings of guilt and shame along the way. On May 1, I went to meet with my boss to talk about returning to work that week with the necessity of having a written job description (which I had never had). She said she wasn't expecting me back until May 15 and that she couldn't provide a job description for me until May 12.

I had been thinking about leaving my job since January, but this was the final straw for me. I felt so devalued and shamed by her words and decision, even though I know she didn't mean it that way based on our past relationship and communication. So, I sent her an email yesterday giving my reasons and expressing my choice to resign.

I have felt trapped in this job - trapped into accepting the promotion in the first place, trapped in the everyday tasks of the job, trapped into staying in the job, and even trapped in poor mental health because of the job. This is one of the big challenges of navigating poor mental health and work - I tend to become very passive and let things happen to me rather than actively making decisions or choosing what I want/need. And then I get into a destructive cycle.

I chose to work for this company because I thought it was a manageable role, but it didn't work out that way. It makes it hard to feel optimistic about future job options when this carefully chosen job didn't work out. My therapist is telling me things aren't as hopeless as I feel, but it is difficult when I see this history of the past ten years of becoming increasingly less capable of keeping up with work duties and having to continually accept less and less responsibilities in order to cope with life.

I don't know what I am going to do, but there are a lot of minimum wage jobs open right now, so I'll probably do something in the service industry for now. I really don't want to stay in this city, so quitting my job also cuts the major tie that I have to this place. My anxiety has been super high all day and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.

#CheckInWithMe #Job #Work #Career #MedicalLeave #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #future #movingon

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Psssst: You are more than your job 👏

In a society that’s wired for productivity, it’s impossible to avoid the dreaded question, “BuT wHaT dO yOu DoOoOo?”

In this week’s episode of Table Talk, Skye, Ashley, and Kat take a funemployment deep dive into why health conditions complicate that question and what we’d like our mother’s favorite cousin to ask instead.


#CheckInWithMe #Job #CheerMeOn #DistractMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #RareDisease

Why We’re So Much More Than “What Do You Do?” by Table Talk With The Mighty

In a society that’s wired for productivity, it’s impossible to avoid the dreaded question, “BuT wHaT dO yOu DoOoOo?” In this week’s episode, Skye, Ashley, and Kat take a funemployment deep dive into why health conditions complicate that question and what we’d like our mother’s favorite cousin to ask instead. This episode is made possible by Rare Weekly. Subscribe to the newsletter here for more conversations like this one.
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Gateway to #heaven

There is a photo I took the other day from the car. I looked up and snapped the photo as we drove. I felt like it was as my husband called it "Is that the Gate to Heaven?"

I thought about #Grief and #Loss and how I #MISS my #Dad . It has not been an easy year. But 2023 looks a little more promising. It does not feel complete without my Father being around anymore. But, I know that I have many more things I need to do that I have to focus on.

I am #Trying to keep a #Job now that I have found one. I just started it and already my hours have been slashed. {Sigh} I don't know what to do. The hours are cut because the business is slow, and there is a desperate need for more students to come to the learning center for tutoring otherwise.. we may not have jobs much longer.

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Back to work again + #MedicalLeave ?

I've been sick for the past ten days (sinus infection) and took all of last week off work. Now I have to go back tomorrow and my anxiety is quite high. My whole body is aching and sore and I have a headache. It's like my body is saying, "Noooooo!"
I know that everything will be significantly behind and piled up because even before I got sick, my boss was away so I was covering both our positions. I feel so stressed just thinking about it.
I had my first session with my new career counselor today. She very quickly recognized significant symptoms of burn out and her recommendation is to get a doctor's note for a medical leave of at least a month in length. I have already been thinking about quitting my job, so this throws another option into the mix.
Since the beginning of the year, I took one week off for vacation and now two weeks off (the other was in January) for illness. That means I have worked for 5 weeks out of 8 weeks in 2023. And I'm so exhausted! I need to make a plan for leaving this job as soon as possible.

#Anxiety #Depression #Burnout #MentalHealth #Job #Work #Career #Counseling #MedicalLeave #Quit #tired

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