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Hi everyone! I hope all of you are safe and well wherever you are. My psychiatrist gave me a 10 day medical leave and I just got back to work yesterday. During the medical leave, my panic attacks and anxiety is still managable as I need not face my unreasonable boss and my smart alex colleague. As i am the only female in the whole department, they are like having some sexiet problem. I am in a male dominated industry, with 12 years of experience. But my smart alex colleague doesn’t seem to know what is to work as a team and always make things difficult. When he doesnt perform, my client will write or call me and make a fuss. As an Accoutnt Manager, I need to keep in check, the interest of my client and the service level rendered. With the amount they are paying every month. I just sealed a deal 2 months back, and my client just told me, I gave the deal to your company is not because of anything. Is because you are my Account Manager. Please dont leave the company before my contract ends with your company.

My boss is ridiculous. He is rude. I will keep him updated on whatever proposal and upcoming projects that we are going to work on. He is kind of flicker minded. When i update him what is going on, he will reply “no need to tell me, you know how to manage” when i dont, he will say “ why didnt you tell me” hard to please yeah?

He wanted to set up a meeting with me during my medical leave. So he text me during my medical leave and it was on a weekend. I said let me get back to work and settle my important appointments first then i will get back to you. He replied “ i thought you would take the initiative to approach me and set up a date?” I was like….? I am in still on medical leave. And he send another text, “ I think you should manage your time, not only you are busy, everyone is busy too” i am loss for words. Its still 4-5 days more before my medical leave ends.

He expects me to visit my clients and reply to every single mail when i am on medical leave? If thats the case, i rather cancel my medical leave and get back to work. I myself know that i am not in a good state to work then.

Seriously, this is draining me. I need to keep going til mid next year til my client contract ends before i could get a new job or head over to my competitors.

I am just delivering my duties thats all. I guess I be better off at my competitors, at least without a boss like him.

I am worried now that he will goggle or search for my doctor’s name. And….. everything will come to light that i am seeing a psychiatrist. As mental health is still a stigma.

Sigh. I am really drianed. I am so tired of working especially the thought of seeing him. Lucky i got to work hybridity, if not i think it will be worst.

But his mails and texts will drive me up the wall. And make my panic attacks go hay wire. At times, it gets so bad that my hands and feets gets cold and shake so badly. And its out of my control. I will start to question myself. Am i at fault? What did i do again? I must be f****** stupid! Sigh

Then my speech will start to slutter and my heart will feel like its coming out from my body.

Am i really that useless?

#AnxietyAttack #PanicAttack #MajorDepressiveDisorder #PTSD #PosttraumaticStressDisiroder #MentalHealth #Job #Anxiety

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A Disney Day

<p>A Disney Day</p>
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I need advice. My supervisor knows I have learning disabilities and treats me like I’m very very stupid. Due to this over the last three months I’ve been struggling. I’m frustrated by this treatment and whenever I try to talk to anyone, either at work or at home, about this to vent I’m told ‘their retiring don’t worry about it’. I am because I’m burnt out fighting what feels like is an unwinable battle. My goal is trying to get another job so I can quite this one but by the time I get home I’m so tired from having to pretend all day I practically fall asleep. So I’m debating quitting, I have a little bit of money saved, which will enable me to find a much better and healthier job that the one I’m in. I’m frustrated because my parents don’t seem to understand this and keep dismissing me and how my mental health has spiraled.

How do I tell/talk to them about this and explain what’s going on without being disrespectful or be dismissed?

#Anxiety #Depression #Job #MentalHealth #GriefWork #CheckInWithMe

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Looking for work.

January 11, I took a phone call about a job that I applied for. I was excited because this was a job that I could do well. The job was listing items for sale online. I had been listing items for sale online since 2008. Despite my being a perfect match for the job, my disability became a silent problem but this time it was not alone.

I spoke to great lengths of my work experience selling items online, both personally and professionally. I have sold cargo trailers, a truck, comic books, clothing, pet supplies and more online. I have been successful in raising money to pay medical bills this way. I have had no training, I just did it because I had no choice.

I have used social media websites and apps as well as buy and sell websites and apps. I have sold using the websites and apps that I was asked about and ones that they had not heard of. My technical skills were a perfect match for what they were looking for.

The interview then shifted to my cover letter, specifically my ability to lift 50 pounds. I said that I could move this much weight but a spinal cord injury limited my ability . Later, I expressed my ability to work with different people. I said that I have worked with many different generations of age. I am 49 but I have worked with other people who are younger and older than I am.

After a week. I got in touch to see what was happening in regards to the job. I was told that they are "going in a different direction." The sense of defeat has been incredible. It again feels like the fight is as futile as controlling the pain and depression.

#Ableism #Ageism #Job

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New job and being trained has been hard -just need encouragement and support

I started a new job a week and a 1/2 ago at a recovery center. But the training has been super tough. I have been training under an experienced employee who is extremely rude and inconsiderate. A fellow trainee who is really just repeating her training after leaving for a year has taken it upon herself to also train me and the experienced employee has chose her as her favorite. I’ll call the experienced employee E1 and the fellow trainee E2.

I wore myself out last Tuesday and woke up with a severe migraine and upset stomach. This week I was trying to help my roommate move out and a new one in and I guess the stress got to me. So I missed work because of all that. I could honestly barely function. When I came back on Friday I was still pretty out of me and E1 could not have been ruder. Working in healthcare I should not give medical advice to clients. I told one client about another form of a medication so they don’t feel nauseous after taking the one that they are on and to see if they can talk to their provider about it. I grew up with my family who pretty much treats medical advice as friendly advice and didn’t know I shouldn’t have said that. E1 told me three times not to do that for the 1 time I gave advice, that day. First she said “we shouldn’t give medical advice because the healthcare providers usually get very frustrated and the clients don’t know that we shouldn’t.” The second warning was “there was a girl that didn’t last long here because she kept giving advice to clients so don’t do it again if you want to stay here.” The third was “and you should never EVER give medical advice.” I did it once and I got it the first time she scolded me. She also was very mad that I stood around talking to the clients and checking in with them while E2 administered meds and didn’t want any help. I attempted to have someone sign a quick form and accidentally gave them the wrong form. I crossed out the name with 2 lines and was scolded for not crossing it out with 1 line.
Later I answered the phone and E1 told me I printed out the wrong med refill form and then realized I did it right and then hung up and I felt happy I did something right. E2 comes in and says “did you figure it out?” And I replied “yes and I feel superior” just joking and she said “you feel superior?” And I told her I was kidding and was just happy. She said “don’t say that.” And I told her that if anything I have low self esteem. She said “stop that then.” I said “I’ve been trying since I was little.” She said “then stop that too”. I was very upset after that.
The next day E1 told me that “I talked to [another employee] about the advice thing and told her im training the new girl not to give advice. She told me to tell you to never do that.” I was dumbfounded she had talked to another employee about it.
E2 made a huge mistake the day before and didn’t record a few meds in the system and didn’t even get a lecture. #Anxiety #Support #Stress #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Job

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Community Voices

#MentalHealth making job searching hard :/

I’ve spent the last three weekend searching for a new less overwhelming job and so far am feel completely defeated.

I’ve taken a small break due to being sick this weekend but now I’m anxious and can’t sit still although I feel like crap. Both my anxiety and depression are high and even more draining than usual.

I’m afraid to ask for help regarding looking for a new job due to my family believing this currently job is perfect for me. It’s not. I’ve taken my hobby and turned it into a job and am now unset and don’t want to do anything. In almost three months I’ve watched myself fade away and become someone I don’t know anymore.

I’m so sad I wish I’d hear back from a job that wasn’t Amazon 😞

#alone #FeelingAlone #CheckInWithMe #anxious #Job

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I’d rather be dead.

This may not make sense but I need to get it off my chest… I’m drowning slowly at my job. I’m overwhelmed by almost everything and am constantly fighting off tears. When at home all I want to do is sleep hoping that maybe when I wake up tomorrow things are better. Spoiler they so far haven’t gotten better. Here is some backstory, my aunt was helping me find jobs to apply to and without my knowledge applied for the job I’m currently in, yes I went to the interview but I never thought I would get this job. It’s been almost three months and whenever I open up about my job struggles my family tells me I’m a bully and rude. They keep sugar coating what’s going on and I’m afraid I’m gonna be fired. I’m so sick of these feelings. Honestly death feels like a much better option than the hell I’ve been living. I want a new job so badly but need help doing so due to my disabilities so finding one secretly on my own would be hard but I guess I could give it a shot. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions I’m all ears. #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #Depression #Job #MentalHealth

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Need some advice

So I’m wondering if it’s okay to talk to my boss/job about how I’m feeling. Mostly due to my disability. I’m dyslexic. For the most part I think I’m fine however the frations are killing me. I’m so uncomfortable in my job and I’m afraid to ask for help or a more itemized list. I feel like I’m floundering without this, it’s something I’m so use to having in the past whether it be school or other jobs. Do you think it’s okay to ask for this accommodation or do you think I need to suck it up? #Dyslexia #dyslexic #Anxity #Depression #Job #CheckInWithMe

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What makes you #smile ?

<p>What makes you <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="smile" href="/topic/smile/" data-id="5bb39d44617f6900abf381f4" data-name="smile" aria-label="hashtag smile">#smile</a> ?</p>
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