I see her face and bushy hair
As she faces the regal queen
Her identity facing a frightful tear
In this favorite movie scene

I am invisible and I am good at it
She forcefully states as she flees
I’d always found humor in this snippet
But it’s become a curse to me

I had asked for help as a teen
Thinking the doctor knew what to do
But he was spiteful and mean
And sent me packing with a shoo

For 14 years an answer I sought
And all the doctors wouldn’t help
By the time the answer was caught
I had become a shadow of myself

Invisible and good at it am I
Years of medical abuse I endured
Not making a fuss only a sigh
While I wait on an elusive cure

I’m invisible as if under Harry’s cloak
The doctors look right at me each time
But of me they never take note
I’m nothing more than a dollar sign

I have faded into the background
But I want to return the fore
I feel as if I can’t make a sound
I fall when I want to soar

Questions fill my heart and mind
No answers anywhere I see
But I will shake off the invisible bind
And find the place where I can run free

#PrincessDiaries #HarryPotter #InvisibleIllness #movingforward #let ’sdothis