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I might have prosopagnosia like Brad Pitt

Does anybody of you have this condition with the strange Greek name of PROSOPAGNOSIA- The inability to recognize other peoples faces.

Can be sooo embarrassing.I talk to someone, it is a good time, we have fun. next day- I don't recognise this person because all people seem to have the same facial features.

At least I know I am not alone with this rare condition. Brad Pitt seems to have it, as Newspapers here in 🇨🇭 middle Europe reported last week.
My dad and my Uncle have it, and so did my late Grandpa.
There is no cure. I do have thick glasses because of high short sightedness, but they dont help for this condition.

Anybody out there who has the same problem? #InvisibleDisability #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek #shortsighted #Blindness #EDS #Autism #brad Pitt

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High Myopia and Prosopagnosia

Hi Mighties,

My atypical hEDS goes together with High Myopia. I have like minus 7 dioptria left, minus 5.75 on my right eye. So I wear those glasses with quite thick glass.

My problem in society is that I can't recognise people by seeing their face.
So I might spend an evening chatting and talking and having fun with a couple of people I just met.
Next day- really embarassing🙈- I dont recognise the person any more.
This makes me look arrogant.

I have read in media, that Brad Pitt seems to have the same problem, but he does not know anybody else with this problem called Prosopagnosia- the inability to recognise people by their face.

At least I am not alone with this problem. My Dad and my Uncle, both with even higher Myopia than me (-15 or so), also have Prosopagnosia. We recognise people by their gaith. So when somebody stands or sits down, it is impossible to recognize this person 🙈

Does anybody out there also have Prosopagnosia? #eds #Depression #myopia #visual impairment #brad Pitt #bendy #SocialAnxiety #Blindness #Blind


Question of what Prosopagnosia actually is

I did a research that inability to recognize faces is a symptom of Prosopagnosia.

But what about having an ability to recognize faces, but having trouble understanding the context of facial expressions? Is that a milder symptom of Prosopagnosia? It's a symptom of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Communication Disorder.


My history of Fregoli-like experiences.

The way I had Freguli-like expirences from my early childhood, is when I had profound symptoms of Prosopagnosia, when I saw everyone's faces, it looks like dark web mask, thought, and misidentified my family with others, because I thought that they are all the same.

I was aware that that I had severe developmental problems and was self-aware of Fregoli-like expirences throughout my childhood.

I knew that my beliefs were false, but my belief was still fixed, and sometimes misidentified my family with others, but I kept it to myself, because I knew that I would come off as strange.

I have been wondering. If it wasn't a delusion, I don't know what else to call it, because what I had is similar to Fregoli-like experiences.

I did have a little bit of anosognosia, but not to severe extent.


My history of Fregoli-like experiences

When I had profound Prosopagnosia from my childhood, when I saw everyone's faces, it looks like a dark web mask, thought and misidentified my family with other people, because I thought that everyone was the same.


Autism Spectrum Disorder and delusional belief

I wonderd if Autism Spectrum Disorder is related to a delusional belief, in the context of issues with social skills.

When I used to have severe symptoms of Prosopagnosia, I had a fixed false belief that no one has facial expressions, that phenomena became milder with therapy and social skills training, I stopped having this belief when my social skills improved in my late adolescents.


I was wondering if Angosia is a form of Misidentification Syndrome

I wonder if Angosia is a form of Misidentification Syndrome.

When I had severe symptoms of Prosopagnosia when I was a child, I had a belief that everyone's face was poker face. When I was a young teenager, I started to see facial expressions, but still had hard time reading people's faces expressions, and still thought they had poker face until I was an older adolescent.

I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.