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High Myopia and Prosopagnosia

Hi Mighties,

My atypical hEDS goes together with High Myopia. I have like minus 7 dioptria left, minus 5.75 on my right eye. So I wear those glasses with quite thick glass.

My problem in society is that I can't recognise people by seeing their face.
So I might spend an evening chatting and talking and having fun with a couple of people I just met.
Next day- really embarassing🙈- I dont recognise the person any more.
This makes me look arrogant.

I have read in media, that Brad Pitt seems to have the same problem, but he does not know anybody else with this problem called Prosopagnosia- the inability to recognise people by their face.

At least I am not alone with this problem. My Dad and my Uncle, both with even higher Myopia than me (-15 or so), also have Prosopagnosia. We recognise people by their gaith. So when somebody stands or sits down, it is impossible to recognize this person 🙈

Does anybody out there also have Prosopagnosia? #eds #Depression #myopia #visual impairment #brad Pitt #bendy #SocialAnxiety #Blindness #Blind


I’m in the middle of some psychotic symptoms and changes in my meds #visual hallucinations#irrational thinking#bi -Polar depression#PTSD

I have mood issues, mood swings and mood crashes along with some psychotic thinking at times. The night before last when I was trying to sleep and was in the twilight zone between wake and sleep I started having some irrational thoughts that were just nonsensical and I wrote it off as being tired. The other night I started having visual hallucinations while in twilight and it freaked me out. My Psych NP wants me to start on Latuda and I would like to know if anyone has any good or bad experience with this medication. I’m feeling pretty lonely and depressed and burned out.


All Smiles, part 2

There was a neat picture I took in the mirror when I visited my brother. That's what started it.

Now I don't know whether to replace the thought and use distraction or to address it rather than avoid. I was looking for that photo on my phone. I scrolled a lot. I saw the images of life from not that long ago, but so much has happened since that time.

Old emotions come right back up to the front center part of my attention. I never really folded things up neatly to place them away. His face brings about a strange combination of wistful nostalgic happiness and the burning anger of the dumpster fire that relationship became. Funny I can still see through the flames and the soot in the air, and it's clear as day.

I don't want to look anymore. Is there a way to put out the fire now?

#breakup #sad #avoidancecoping #visual #Memories #Depression #Anxiety


Can I have a social life even though I’m still I see things are here things that other people don’t? #visual hallucinations # Post part #amciety


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