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    The doorbell rang

    Fe fi fo fum the giant stomped
    Then the doorbell rang
    Fairies danced, and crickets sang
    Something to sell by the Light of the Moon
    All bottled up, and Shining, glittering like gold
    A dizzy, spinning dancing to tune
    To catch the eye, the ear, and mesmerize
    Turn up the heartbeat, and raise the spirits
    Lock you in it's fantasy, make you lose reality
    The side effects are severe, and Fabintasy is nightmare in reality
    You hit the ground, you look around, how had you not seen
    The warning was there, but it was disguised, you see
    The Rhythm and Melody, LED you away from where it lay
    Mixed and mingled in words of romantic play
    The lyrics and meanings lost as you danced along
    All caught up in the Rhythm, and beat, and the melody
    #BipolarDisorder #Mania #psycoticbreak #Paranoia #Delusions

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    Community Voices

    Bullied or a psychotic break? #BipolarDisorder # ConqourYourMind #psycoticbreak #reallity #bullied #TheMind

    I thought long and hard before deciding to make this post. I almost decided not to. Some years ago I had my iTunes and iPod broken into as a result of me accepting music but I should not have accepted. After doing so my world became spun up and a whole lot of things it didn't seem possible. I wasn't smart about not listening to the music and I can't explain why. The more I listen the worst thing got. And the only way I can explain the events is it was synchronicity on steroids. Everything felt so real to me as it was happening but the doctors have said it was a psychotic break. Here is what it felt like to me. Crazy fb that felt like I was a target but they said it was just my own brain.

    Her world crashed

    One day her world was crashed
    It was fun up in a dizzy
    It seems she had been deceived
    She played out a part in her disbelief
    Till she woke up, wanting to scream
    Security, safety, always lost
    Nothing in the world was how it seemed
    Her random babbling words took flight
    Without her permission what a fright
    They walked out of her room
    They flew from the kitchen
    They had grown legs and wings
    Then to it seemed the walls were alive
    They had ears, they had eyes
    They had things to say about her life
    They thought they knew her
    The story of her life they had deciphered
    What she should do, and how
    They all have the answers
    Every wall, every door, and window
    Even the ceiling, screamed answers
    They still pieces of her
    The good, The Bad, the Misunderstood
    They threw it in her face
    A slap disgrace
    A daily insult of her mistakes
    She swallows her tears
    Put your head up to fly high
    Let them say what they like
    For not one day
    Of her life
    Have they lived

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