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Bullied or a psychotic break? #BipolarDisorder # ConqourYourMind #psycoticbreak #reallity #bullied #TheMind

I thought long and hard before deciding to make this post. I almost decided not to. Some years ago I had my iTunes and iPod broken into as a result of me accepting music but I should not have accepted. After doing so my world became spun up and a whole lot of things it didn't seem possible. I wasn't smart about not listening to the music and I can't explain why. The more I listen the worst thing got. And the only way I can explain the events is it was synchronicity on steroids. Everything felt so real to me as it was happening but the doctors have said it was a psychotic break. Here is what it felt like to me. Crazy fb that felt like I was a target but they said it was just my own brain.

Her world crashed

One day her world was crashed
It was fun up in a dizzy
It seems she had been deceived
She played out a part in her disbelief
Till she woke up, wanting to scream
Security, safety, always lost
Nothing in the world was how it seemed
Her random babbling words took flight
Without her permission what a fright
They walked out of her room
They flew from the kitchen
They had grown legs and wings
Then to it seemed the walls were alive
They had ears, they had eyes
They had things to say about her life
They thought they knew her
The story of her life they had deciphered
What she should do, and how
They all have the answers
Every wall, every door, and window
Even the ceiling, screamed answers
They still pieces of her
The good, The Bad, the Misunderstood
They threw it in her face
A slap disgrace
A daily insult of her mistakes
She swallows her tears
Put your head up to fly high
Let them say what they like
For not one day
Of her life
Have they lived



#BodelinePersonality #bullied #Depression #fibromaylgia
I have been getting this really upsetting dreams lately, and its mostly from times in my past where I was really bullied. School, army, work. I wake up upset and so anxious that im shaking and sweating all feel so real.

I met this really nice guy, and he really cares. We talk about our problems. At times I really like him, and times I just want to push him away! Am I fucking crazy? What is wrong with me?

Im currently looking after my mom in South Africa as she had 2 operations , and there is not really mental health assistance here, and the gp just give me my meds I got from my gp in the UK give me.

Is there anyone on here that can advise who I can speak to in South Africa?



Growing up with depression #Depression #Child #Anxiety

Growing up with depression and anxiety as a child made me feel like I was.......
- Unwanted
- A Burden
- Bullied
- Lonely
- A disappointment
- Isolated
- I needed to perfect

#Depression #mychildhood #Anxiety #sad #mad #ancious #Bully #bullied #trash

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YOU #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Depression ##Selfesteem

Hi Evetyone🙋 I wish this for all you genuinely lovely people ........."to SEE yourself as others see you......then you woukd know what a really SPECIAL person YOU ARE"🍃💕💗💕💗💕💗🌿 #Schizophrenia #EatingDisorders #BodyImage #DistractMe #Selftalk #rapesuviors #ChildhoodAbuse #bullied #Cutting #Suicide


The Bullies Will Always Be Bullies

A huge community debate about sex ed came up in a community group. I weighed in for the reform to the current sexual education and I was attackeattacked because how dare I think that Gender, biology, anatomy and physiology be taught to the chidren.
The main antagonist was a bully from school. one who bullied me from 5th grade until I dropped out after my grandfather died in 10th grade.
This kid and his group would break me down to tears over and over. Then laugh at me for crying. They put gum in my hair on picture day, called me blubber butt, slut, c**t, bitch, fake.
They would destroy reports or other things I worked on to get As in school. They hurt me. To the point the idea of going to school became an anxiety inducing craziness. Even walking onto a campus for my daughters recitals makes me nauseated and want to cry.
This guy started calling my kids perverted, the sex ed reform hasn't even started yet and this guy called my kids perverted!? Says my perverted kids will expose his little girls to the evils of gender "crap" and try to get them to masturbate or try anal sex.
When I called him out on it he said he didn't say it, and was only worried about my kids, and I felt like I was back in school. Then he seriously accused me of not remembering the parties we went to. I DIDN'T GO TO THE SAME PARTIES AS HIM! I stayed away from this guy and all the others in his group.
I had my own group of friends in high school and I basically was one of the guys.
His friends cut one of my pig tails off on halloween, gave me black eyes by tripping me in gym class and breaking g my glasses, teased me for having seizures and asthma that made it so I couldn't exercise, put gum in my hair on picture day, slammed my head into lockers, told me I was unlovable, they were literally the bane of my existence!
My daughter has a lesbian friend, her friend confided in her that she was lesbian in 2nd grade. I told my daughter to be a safe person for her friend. in 4th grade the same friend told her she thought her mother hated her, she felt like she was inherently wrong, her mother took her phone and deleted all her female contacts. My daughter was her safety. My "perverted" daughter was there for a girl when her own family made her feel like she was wrong.
I am so mad and so hurt I am crying.
Why!? Bullies will always be bullies, and raise them. #bullied #Anxiety #Motherhood #GenderIdentity #Safety #Abuse


Thought this was emotional bullying, maybe it wasn’t...?

This part of my past was one of many very hard defining moments in my life and I was told by someone that this moment wasn’t emotionally bullying. My belief was torn down in seconds. Now I’m confused.

4-6 grade, I was in a class with 9 girls and they all paired up. Me who was Super medicated, couldn’t read well kid with a severe overbite, didn’t get to join those pairs... I was told that it was social skills by my therapist and my mom, so I took all their advice and none of it worked. Every time I tried to join a conversation, the girls would say “it’s private,” or “it’s none of your business” or just become silent. If this happened once, then I’d probably dismiss it but it happened EVERY TIME I tried to join a conversation.
I was ALWAYS picked last for a sport during PE. When it came to “jailbreak” which is a volleyball game, they would make sure I was the last one in so if they threw the ball, they knew that chances of me catching that ball was so slim that they practically won. Yeah, that may be strategic but it still hurt.
At lunch, I was always eating lunch with my butt hanging off of a picnic table taken over by my classmates even if there was room, usually a backpack or lunchbox sat where there would have been some room. (School policy made it mandatory to sit with your class with your teacher).
On a field trip once, I had to go to the bathroom really badly, but we needed a buddy. No one wanted to go with me,so I got in trouble for going alone.
Spent 3 years crying in the bathroom at school, because of all of this.
There was this one instance where I was invited to a birthday party and it was an American girl doll fashion show. The girl rigged the fashion show because my dress was picked with complete care that morning so I would win (it was a super fancy dress that I got for my doll on my birthday). She changed it to reflect the weather the last second and I came in last place. I got a piece of gum and the rest of them got candy bags.
These aren’t even half of the examples.

The effects of this were: childhood #Rage s grades tanking, not wanting to go to school due to the #Fear of getting my feelings hurt. I was very #sensitive as a kid (still am) and now I am not so sure I was emotionally #bullied but just took it too personally. Later, my mom was told by a parent that they managed to have their girl skip a grade to get out of that class because that class was full of mean kids. Was I a victim or was it in my imagination? My brain is messing with me rn and I just need a yes or no to clear it up. Help a girl out?