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Do you have a furry friend for your health?

Do you have a pet that helps to make you Happie? I love my dog because we get to go outside and enjoy nature everyday which is such a healthy habit for my mind and body! Getting a breath of fresh air and scenery feels like the best medicine.
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I wanted to share some information I’m so excited about! ##Anxiety ##getoffdrugspossibly #cbdoil #Depression #PanicAttacks #PTSDrelief ##insomniahelp

So I had to share this with you. I’m aware there are many that many not agree and that’s fine, I’m not at all trying to sell anything or convince anybody of anything. I’m sharing MY experience.

I suffer from chronic pain, mental health issues for many years, especially, anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve lived with these specifically since I can go back to first memories. No joke guys. I was a young girl and wouldn’t tell a soul! I’ll skip to today or if have a novel here 😀. But when Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana, I thought of getting certified. I was sure all of these things I was dealing with would benefit from some of the items. I heard about CBD oil everywhere and how it was working wonders for people with conditions similar to mine. So I did purchase a bottle online. This is what you have to look around at a bit ,’is if it’s a reputable company, have they been in business for a little while anyway? Remember it hasn’t been years that it’s been even medically legal. I purchased it online anyway. I didn’t do the research I just suggested, but I did read the reviews other people put down and knowing the company, these weren’t made up testimonials,
So I gave it a try. It was the real deal. You can tell it came from very clean surroundings and the packaging was professionally done and the product did work well. It does not impair you at all! But I felt my anxiety subsiding, I felt my whole body relaxing therefore helping my usual pain along with anxiety. I also have been sleeping better than in about 2 years!

I just thought I’d share that as an alternative, or maybe an option. It’s definitely a personal choice, I’m just sharing my findings. Others might not have such luck, that would be awful. But I say anything is worth looking into rather than just stuffing stockholders of these pharmaceutical companies wallets then they have the nerve to not want to walk on the same side of the street as those “addicts”. Well people, you’re damn pills created the majority of these “addicts”. I think a great thing would be to make these families, who are keeping their billions, to take OxyContin at least 60mg, 3 times per day, for 2 months, no if ands or buts about it, they take them. Two months! Then take them away from them!

I think when they see what these “addicts “ go through, and what they themselves would do after the two months, I bet the billions wouldn’t matter then. They wouldn’t know their left from right! I’m. Oh evil, but I’d love to see it. Because they didn’t care then they do t want to see it!