Hey guys,
I have never encountered narcissism or emotional violence on the mighty app (or maybe I didn’t see anything about it, I’m sorry if I didn’t see it😅). I have had my own experiences with narcissistic parents and emotional violence and now I want to know if there are other people on the mighty app who have had experiences with narcissistic parents. I would like to listen to your stories. How has the behavior of your parents/partners/ ... affect you? How did you act? Is there any damage you have suffered or are suffering today? And do you have any advise for people who might have narcissistic parents/partners but don’t know what to do?

I cannot speak much of my experience. It’s a complicated and long story. I still have contact with my parents because of my handicapped sister and I would not say that I have a bad relationship with them at the moment but it feels quite insincere. As if our good relationship was a pretense and a lie. We ran away from home with my other sister last year and moved out too. Since then I realize the damage my parents have done to us.

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