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Eating habits and depression

I find it really difficult to eat healthy when I'm depressed (which is all the time for the past few years) and it creates a terrible cycle that makes me feel worse.

Some things I'm trying to help myself are:

-Buying frozen vegetables. I often get produce and then lose all my motivation to cook and just watch them slowly go bad in my fridge, which makes me feel guilt

- Using paper plates. I know it might be wasteful but I realized that I would avoid eating meals and just eat random snacks because I didn't want create dirty dishes. Now if only there were paper pots and pans....(jk)

Can you relate to this? What types of things help you?

#MentalHealth #Depression #DepressiveDisorders

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Mental Exhaustion 💚

My first post in a long time.. It’s currently 12:45am (09/02/24) in the UK and I should be sleeping ready for work tomorrow. I’m exhausted, physically and mentally. Life is draining the crap out of me at the moment. I take on more in work to keep my mind busy but that in itself it’s tiring. I look forward to the weekends but why? I don’t do much. Why? Because I prefer the security of my home. Life just feels too much. I’m trying to better myself. I’m trying to be ‘well’ and I’m TRYING to grow! It’s not working though and I’m tired. So. Damn. Tired. Tired of smiling when inside I’m screaming. Tired of pretending. Tired of.. Just being tired. What can I do to change it? Not a lot, I doubt. At least it’s Friday.. Last day of the week to pretend I’m ok. My game face can be packed away for the weekend. I can just be unapologetically me. In my own space. Away from judgement, away from.. Everything. I hope you’re all doing well. Let’s keep fighting 💚 #MentalHealth #MoodDisorders #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder #DepressiveDisorders #willpower #CheckInWithMe

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Overcoming regret and shame?

Does anyone else feel like they've wasted years of their life? (Whatever that means to you: whether it was an addiction, or feeling stuck in a situation or relationship, or just not moving forward in your goals. )

Do you ever stop mourning the years you've lost? What are practical ways that you can learn to forgive yourself and move forward?

#Depression #DepressiveDisorders  #Anxiety  #Addiction  #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MentalHealth #Alcoholism #AlcoholAbuse

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The Fog That Lingers: A Journey Through the Haze of and Substance Use

In the world of mental health and substance use, there exists a phenomenon often whispered about but rarely addressed head-on: brain fog. It's a term that doesn't quite capture the full extent of its impact, yet for those who have waded through its murky waters, it's a reality that's both profound and debilitating.

Imagine waking up each day to a world that's out of focus. Your thoughts, once sharp and coherent, now feel like they're being filtered through a dense mist. This is the world of someone who has battled long-term mental health challenges and substance use. It's a world where the simple act of existing becomes a daily struggle.

Sarah, a 35-year-old woman, knows this world all too well. For years, she grappled with anxiety and depression, finding temporary solace in substances that promised quick relief but delivered long-term consequences. Over time, the clarity of her thoughts diminished. She describes her experience as "living in a dream where everything feels slightly unreal and disconnected."

This brain fog, as Sarah and many others experience, isn't just about forgetfulness or a lack of concentration. It's a comprehensive cognitive disturbance that affects memory, understanding, and even the sense of self. It's like trying to navigate through life with a GPS that's constantly recalibrating, never quite sure #of the destination.

But what causes this fog? Research suggests that prolonged substance use and mental health struggles can lead to changes in the brain, particularly in areas responsible for memory, attention, and decision-making. The brain, in its attempt to cope with the constant stress and chemical alterations, adapts in ways that aren't always beneficial in the long term.

For Sarah, the journey out of th#e fog wasn't quick or easy. It involved therapy, medication, and a steadfast commitment to understanding and addressing her mental health and substance use issues. Gradually, the haze began to lift, revealing a world that was brighter and more tangible.

Recovery, however, isn't a linear process. There are days when the fog rolls back in, obscuring the progress made. But with each day, Sarah learns to navigate these challenges a little better, to recognize the signs of the fog's return and to use the tools she's acquired to disperse it.

The story of brain fog in the context of mental health and substance use is a reminder of the complex interplay between our psychological well-being and our cognitive functions. It highlights the need for holistic approaches in treatment, ones that acknowledge not just the physical symptoms but also the cognitive and emotional landscapes that are so intricately intertwined.

For those walking through this fog, remember: you're not alone, and the haze does lift. With support, understanding, and a commitment to healing, the world can become clear once again.

#Depression #MentalHealth #DepressiveDisorders #BipolarDepression #PersistentDepressiveDisorder #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #SubstanceUseDisorders #Addiction

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Experience with Bupropion / Wellbutin / Elafontil


Can the side effects of antidepressants change over time?

Disclaimer: English is not my native language 🙈

My experience:

I´ve been taking bupropion for 7 months. Two month with 150mg were hell and my psychiatrist was nearly to end the medication but we both wanted to know if it gets better with 300mg. When the dosage was increased I felt much better. I got my motivation back and I started too feel real happiness. The side effects decreased. The only ones that stayed were dry mouth, insomania/nightmares, sometimes short time memory loss and panic attacks.

But for a month now, I've had new side effects that are very unpleasant. I´m derealising more than usual and I got increased Sweating(especially at night), Anxiety Attacks and many unpleasant/embarrassing memories of my old self for no reason. Most of those memories are from many years ago and I haven´t really thought anymore about them. I know that those memories are kind of normal but in this case they are repetitive and intrusive. The memories will come to me so vividly as a daydream and I start to fall in a Thought spiral. They make me feel anxious, depressed and awful. I´m really suffering and I feel like I´m losing my mind. I´m having a appointment with my psychiatrist next week and I´m unsure if I have to change the medication.

Do you have a similar experience with bupropion or with another medicament?

#BPD #Depression #DepressiveDisorders #OCD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Medication #ADHD #meds #Bupropion #wellbutin #Antidepressant

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Yes I’m researching my diagnosis

#bipolardisorde unspecified mood disorder is located within both the depressive disorders and the bipolar disorders chapters.

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What do you do when you are aware of a depressive episode, but cannot seem to break the mindset?

Recently, OK let’s be real the last few days, I’ve been stuck in a depressive episode.

I’ve been getting better at recognizing the signs so as soon as I felt it coming I started going through my list of things I do to help intervene. Once it hit, I then went through my self-care list, but everything has just been temporary relief.

I find it very frustrating to be cognizant of my mood, but entirely unable to shift it. It’s almost worse than not understanding the source of the feelings in some ways.

When I chatted with my therapist about it (which as a side note, I am seldom in a session WHILE I’m in a depressive episode so it was easier to explain what’s happening in my brain) she said that it’s OK to be doing everything “right” and still not feel OK because I know this is something that will pass. Even if I don’t feel “better,” doing that self-care will at minimum keep me from continuing to go downhill.

So to answer my own question, I will keep going through my list and asking for support when I am able to (because I don’t know about you, but I shut down inwardly and cannot always verbalize what I need).

Do you ever find yourself in this situation? What do you do?

#BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #Depression #Hypomania #MentalHealth #DepressiveDisorders #DepressiveEpisodes

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