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° " Don't Understand Why People Love To Bully Me At Work.. It's 24/7 "° #breakdown Depression

° " So On Saturday It Was Very Hot In The Restaurant... And I Ended Up Having My Second Heat Exhaustion... My Boss And Some Of My New Co-worker's Were Making Fun Of Me And Being Childish... Idk How A Grown 50+ Year Old Woman Can Act Like This... And The New People Are Young But.. They Have Started To Complain About Working And Not Getting Break's... And Somehow I'm The One That Has Been Complaining Alot.. I Have Only Said About One Issue... Even Though Thier Are A Ton Of Issue's.. The Way This Restaurant Is Being Run.. Is A Distasteful... And Favoritism Basically Run's Amuck.. I Get Bullied At Anytime... I Stick Up For Myself Etc.. But I Still Get Blamed For Other People's Mistake's... This World Need's To Change "STOP THE BULLYING IT NOT RIGHT OR FAIR"... And Now I've Gotten My Hour's Cut???16.50 Hour's Of Work.. I'm Only Working For 3 Day's... If They Are Looking To Fire Me.. Without Any Reason... That's On Them.. I'm A Good Hard Worker.. " ° Sincerely, ¤▪︎▪︎▪︎SKAOI KVITRAVN ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤ #Bullying #Discrimination #racisim #Depression

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° " Well Now I Definitely Know That I'm Not Liked At All At My Job.. " • #Abuse #Discrimination #racisim #t .W.

° " So My Only Co-worker Friend. That I Have Told Me Last Night... The Full Hatered That My Boss And Some Of My Co-worker's Have Toward's Me... How Can People Be So Cruel And Unfortunately Two-Faced.. One Co-worker Call's Me A Lazy N-Word... And My Boss Is Looking For Way's To Fire Me... Just Because I'm Disabled.. And I'm Apparently So Useless To Her.. I Have Already Known About This Since I Started Working For This... Jerk's.. I Alway's Get Bad Look's And My Boss Constantly Complaining About Me... For No Stupid Reason... Do You Want To Really Know Why... I Have No Friendship's...It's Mainly Because Of This Everywhere I Go. Or People That I Meet. Are Mean Very Distrustful... But If They Hate Me So Much... They Why Do They Alway's Ask For My Help... My Boss As Single Handly Driven Away Alot Of Good Hard Working People... And Now I'm Next... I Didn't Do Shit To These People... But Offer My Experience And Knowledge... Yes I Don't Do Very Well At The Register... But That's The Damn Customer's Fault For Thier Continued Indecisive Issue's... On What To Order... Not Mine... The System Computer That They Have In Place... Can't Let Me Remove Or Delete Order's... Or Mistake's... That These Customer's Cause Me To Get Yelled At Every Single Day For... But Nope My Boss Would Rather Yell At Me... And Humiliate Me In Front Of Customer's... To The Point That They Finally Notice That It Was Thier Fault Not Mine.. I'm Alway's The Talk At The Gossip Table And Work... They Trash Talk About Me... My Physical Disabilitie's... My Race... Now Do You Fully Truly Understand Why.. I Don't Like Human's Anymore... And I'm The Kindess... Hardworking... Person With A Big Heart... I Don't Desevere Any Of This Abuse... My Friend Said That She Filed A Complaint Against The Company That We Work For... And That I Should Too... But Idk How ?... This Discovery And Information.. Has Made Me Feel More Depressive... I Came Home From Work Early Because My Sciatica Is At It's Worst Right Now And The Weather Is Not Helping My Pain L.E.V.E.L WAS AT A 10.." • Sincerely, ▪︎ S.K.▪︎

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#racisim #Race #alllivesmatter #blackandwhite

Listen, I’m a strong believer in really removing as many people as possible that believe racist comments are Okay. If your supporter of someone of another party that’s fine. Never removed someone jus becuz of their political views ( trust me I have a huge amount of people from two different political parties ) but to entirely support racism is a Huge NO for me...complain all you want. But you probably want someone who believes racism is okay on your friends list anyways..I’ll jus remove myself from it... stay safe y’all. I don’t know about y’all but I was raised this way!