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    Time for change

    In society the Criminal Justice system, recovery programs and mental health services are not supporting or respecting our rights ! They say that they treat us with respect and dignity but the fact Is they don't and never will! if we don't start speaking up and fight to be seen then we allowing the world to think that it's ok to put us down, define us as people who can not function successfully in our society.

    I wi never let anyone tell me who I am and what I can and can not do. In Broward county schools ,mental health services,recovery programs,courts and police are the problem. They dont have any idea how to help us because they dont listen to you or care . Over the past 7 years I have experienced discrimination, hate, and disrespect from the police, the medical services and the court system. It has been years of PTSD and fear for my life and my safety. I have been asked to prove that I was a teacher and that has worked for Westchester department of community mental health, homeless out reach, alternative to incarceration . They think that because I asked for support to get me to the hopstal when i new i wouldnt go if it was left up to me and I was concerned about my mental health makes me incompetent or incapable of living a productive life. I am smart ,intelligent ,and very passionate about making sure that I and all of us never have to be seen as anything less then who we are

    I am asking all of you to please help me out I want to make sure that our rights are being respected by everyone.

    If you have every experienced discrimination or hate ,disrespect and mistreatment at from those who are supposed to be helping us and making sure that our rights are enforced tell me about it! I want to share our stories with others to show the real facts from those who have experienced these


    If we speak up and speak out we can make the world see the truth!

    #equality #Discrimination #Speak up #bethe Changet the world needs

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    Community Voices

    IF US Supreme Court Overturns Roe, The US Is IN Violation of International Charter on Human Rights

    <p>IF US Supreme Court Overturns Roe, The US Is IN Violation of International Charter on Human Rights</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I’m getting tired of fighting against people’s prejudice

    I’m non binary and the way I dress, plus the piercings and tattoos I choose to wear, the ones that help me express who I am, cause me a constant negative judgment from people.
    I’m a teacher and the places where I work won’t allow me any opportunities because of this, regardless of the positive feedback I’ve received for the last four years
    At the beginning I stood up and spoke about it to my boss, but now I feel like I’m doomed to deal with it and just accept that, as long as I look like this, I’ll have to accept that treatment.
    #Anxiety #nonbinary #Discrimination #Prejudice #Tattoos #piercings

    What to Do If You're Experiencing Disability Discrimination at Work

    If you have a disability or health condition, you may see and hear about employment discrimination a lot. Maybe you’re going through it now and you are not sure what to do or where you can go for help. I am hoping that I am able to help provide you with an answer to your questions about if you’re experiencing discrimination and what you can do about it. This is not intended as legal advice by any means — but instead as guidance that may help you put steps in place after you experience disability discrimination in your workplace. Protected Classes Protected classes are groups that may not be discriminated against under the law. In the United Kingdom, where I live, there are currently nine protected classes, and these are protected under the 2010 Equality Act. If you live in the U.K., your workplace legally cannot use these identities against you. Many other countries and regions have their own protected class laws as well. These laws may cover traits like race, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, religion, and of course, disability. Types of Discrimination Against People With Disabilities There are two main types of discrimination that people with disabilities experience in the workplace: direct discrimination and indirect discrimination. Direct discrimination is usually a direct attack on or refusal to accommodate someone in a protected class. For people with disabilities, this discrimination may look like being told you cannot receive a promotion because of your health condition or being told that you “should” be able to work without the reasonable accommodations you need in the workplace. Indirect discrimination is less obvious and may even be unintentional, but it still affects people in protected classes. Telling a person with a disability that they’re a “good worker” for someone with a disability or enforcing dress code policies that may be difficult for people with disabilities — like requiring all women to wear heels — are just a couple of the ways people with disabilities experience discrimination in the workplace. What You Can Do If You Face Disability Discrimination Unions may help people with disabilities access fair treatment in the workplace. I myself am a union workplace, equalities and learning representative for a union. Workplace unions try to make the working world a fair place for both employees and managers alike. Union workplace representatives are provided training for tackling difficult situations in the workplace, and a good union representative will do anything in their power to try to improve workplace conditions. Being part of a union can help you resolve workplace problems and receive benefits outside of work. Usually a workplace will have a policy called a “recognition agreement” that may allow unions to be more involved in the workplace. As with every formal process, you have the right to be represented by someone who will follow the correct procedures and address major concerns like discrimination. This doesn’t mean to say that if your workplace doesn’t recognize any union, you’re out of luck. Unions become recognized over time, and being represented is your right. If you’re unsure if there are any recognized unions at your workplace, ask your colleagues or your company’s human resources department. There are other ways to decrease and resolve workplace discrimination too. If you are experiencing disability discrimination in the workplace, take these steps: Informal resolution involves discussing the discriminatory act with the person who discriminated against you with your manager. Sometimes people don’t realize that their actions are discriminatory or that they’ve made you uncomfortable. I would personally raise concerns in an email and request a meeting about the discrimination so that the company knows what is happening. Formal resolution often comes after you’ve tried to address the discrimination against you informally, especially if the actions you’ve taken haven’t worked and the discrimination is still happening, Formal resolution may sometimes require proof that you have tried approaching the situation informally. This “formal grievance” usually requires that you contact your human resources or personnel department. The formal resolution process may also include mediation — speaking to both parties to find out what has happened and trying to nurture a working relationship that doesn’t involve bullying or discrimination. Further resolution may follow formal resolution if you have done the above, but the discrimination against you still continues. In the U.K., there are services such as ACAS that can help you with further resolution. These services are usually a lot more thorough and can help you resolve the problems you’re facing. If these services can’t help you resolve workplace discrimination, they will often provide a certificate that you can take to a tribunal. Workplace tribunals are a court that will hear your case and your workplace’s side of the story and make a final decision about next steps. If you can, try every other possible way to resolve employment discrimination before you go to a workplace tribunal. I hope this article helps you, especially if you’re experiencing workplace discrimination. Whether you have autism like I do, a mental health condition, or a disability, if you’re experiencing workplace discrimination, you deserve to get it resolved. I am also more than willing to discuss these topics with you and help you if I can.

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Why can't companies make commercials without deliberately insulting people?

    #Disability #Discrimination #Ableism #TV #CommunicationDisorders The problem of ableist and/or otherwise inappropriate tv commercials has been getting to me again lately. Some of them are blatantly offensive/rude ones, others are utterly inappropriate ones for the cultural and social messages socitey claims to want to promote in this day and age. Including about physical health!

    These days there are several of them that are getting to me. It seems like companies are incapable of making commercials without deliberately trying to insult part of the population. For example, the pistachios one, where they are making fun of the turtle for being "too sensitive", and then talking to him as if he is deaf or intellectually impaired. Or the "International Delights" one, where they insult people for liking their coffee with "only cream and sugar." By loudly proclaiming that "Boring!" As if there is a "right way", and a "wrong way" to drink coffee (and assuming one drinks it at all).

    I don't understand why in this day and age, when we are theoretically, as a society (or several of them, actually) trying to accept and embrace diversity, companies seem so opposed, or unable to make commercials without intentionally trying to insult other people! I'm sure it is possible to make the claim "our product is wonderful, and you need it" without saying "you're an idiot if you don't have/use it." !!!

    ... and then there are the ones that glorify inappropriate, even dangerous activities, such as multitasking during dangerous activities like mowing the lawn or parachuting, or etc. And what are they multitasking at? Shopping on Amazon!! Yes, I realize this is intended to be humorous, or at least I hope it is! But, at the same time, in this time and place so many of us in North America find ourselves, where so many people are apparently incapable of any kind of critical thinking, and accept whatever they are told, without applying common sense or fact-checking, it seems highly inappropriate to glorify shopping on a mobile device while doing activities that require one's full attention for safety, and basic self-preservation! Especially given how many people probably really do have ther faces glued to their phones for unimportant reasons when they need to have them focused on their external environment! (Say, when crossing a busy street, or walking on a sidewalk where there are other people who won't take kindly to being walked into!)

    Other, more recent examples come from Skip the Dishes, which are suggesting that people should order take out so that they can watch the Olympics, rather than cook homemade (likely much healthier!) food!! The deliberately insulting tone of voice used to say "soup" to identify the contents of a person's blender is apparent even to me, with my difficulty reading nonverbal communication!

    Deriding people who have learned to cook during the pandemic, and have decided they prefer real food seems like a poor message to be promoting.

    Community Voices

    How many people on here are from other countries?

    I want to know about the mental health systems in other places. I want to know how the hospital staff treat people. I am in the United States and have had some horrible experiences. I guess I am just curious what it’s like in other places. I have read some about it but it isn’t the same as personal stories…here at least I feel like there is this underbelly of the American mental health system with a lot of bad things happening that you only see if you live it. For those of you overseas or who have been overseas—what have your experiences been like? #Stigma #Discrimination #Trauma #InstitutionalAbuse #international

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    Community Voices

    i wrote a post on how i got fired from my job that i used to be a patient at twice, 4 years ago. i thought they were great but they aren’t, come to find out they talk badly about all patients and laugh at them, even go so far as to say they are lying about their symptoms. i would say the name of the hospital because they are a disgrace, but when i got fired i called a lawyer and the first one that i called took my case on contingency. i was mistreated, taken advantage of, treated differently than my coworkers, and retaliated against. i got an email from my lawyer today saying that they are finishing up my claims against the company and the liable managers. i didn’t even do this for the money, i did it because the whole situation was messed up. i was able to get unemployment bc the state of ohio rules that i was fired without just cause. i want them to get the repercussions of their blatant discrimination bc of my mental illness and more specifically my managers retaliation towards me. i wonder if the only reason i am suing them is because i am borderline and have narcissistic qualities. i have watched so many videos saying narcissists love litigation, but this is my first lawsuit and i have a strong case; i don’t think i’m being narcissistic. i always think i am being narcissistic when i stand up for myself, i am scared of being one bc. was terrorized by one for so long. i wonder if this situation is brought on by narcissism that i am not self aware of or bc i am right. it’s hard. i feel empowered and like i am doing a good thing, especially because other employees too have been cruelly treated and they don’t stand up to it. i have always had a bold personality and i have never ever been afraid to stand up for myself, no matter who it is. clearly, since i am suing a whole entire company and my managers haha. i think that i am getting justice for myself and others and i don’t think there is a better feeling. 😊

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    Community Voices

    Why so different?

    Bone pain vs n nerve pain. My husbands wrist replacement is scheduled after 2 appointments for pain. I’ve been seeing this doctor & that for 6 YEARS & nothing but temporary relief. Why? #Discrimination ?

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