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    Owning your truth and living authentically

    Paul was born with Cerebral Palsy. His mother was told he would never be able to walk. Growing up Paul was bullied and told he couldn’t do many things due to his Cerebral Palsy or lack of ability or intelligence. Paul had big goals and big dreams but he was ashamed. He was sad and angry all the time. It wasn’t until his coach believed in him that Paul was able to start believing in himself. He wanted to hide the fact that he had Cerebral Palsy but it wasn’t until Paul began accepting himself, loving himself, and owning his truth that he was able to become successful and make his dreams a reality. Paul’s story is important because it illustrates how important our words are and how 1 person believing in you can make all the difference.

    Listen to today’s podcast episode to hear Paul’s inspiring story.


    #CerebralPalsy #MentalHealth #Bullying #mindset #gratitudepractice #MentalHealthAwareness #CerebralPalsyAwareness #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthpodcast


    Overcoming the challenges of an autism diagnosis

    Jimmy was diagnosed with autism when he was in 3rd grade and he had much to overcome but on today’s podcast episode, he explains that most of what he needed to overcome was other people’s perceptions and treatment of him. He hated school. He was bullied by his peers and grew up feeling like an outcast but he was determined to overcome his challenges and didn’t let other people’s perceptions define him.

    Listen to today’s podcast episode to hear Jimmy talk about how he got to where he is today, thriving in college and an advocate for the autism community.


    #Autism #Autistic #AutismDiagnosis #AutismSpectrum #MentalHealth #Bullying #mentalhealthpodcast #MentalHealthAwareness #bullyingawareness



    Life is so lonely right now. Everything I do seems to be wrong. I’ve been bullied at work and everything is just too much

    #SexualAbuse #SexualAssault #Anxiety #lonely #Bullying #MentalHealth #Depression #PanicAttacks #CheckInWithMe #sad


    TW exclusionism, just a pessimistic outlook #venting

    Why are folks so evil? Like I know that not all of them are, but I feel like many are actually evil.
    It’s why I can’t trust most folks, especially on the internet. Because then they’ll probably backstab me for a sad reason like my zodiac sign or that I’m too sensitive or that I’m the host of a system. Or even that I’m nonbinary.

    Like seriously?? Instead of minding your own freaking business, you’re going to base someone down to their privates to determine someone else’s gender?? Do you know how many trans and intersex folk already suffer from such erasure and feelings of erasure?? And I already feel erased by being misgendered often… it’s why I always avoid eye contact with others, and that’s if I’m lucky…

    #anger #sad #Bullying


    I think my partner may have BPD

    I met my partner 11 months ago. He was,and still is, the most exciting person I've ever been with. I fell for him hard and fast, he reciprocated those feelings #BPD #relationship However, after a couple of months he started to behave erratically, he went away without telling me he was going. When he did contact me, he pushed aside my worries as if I was the one behaving strangely. He has continued to "disappear " about every 4-6 weeks, the longest he was away was 5 weeks. He usually contacts me after a day or two and says he loves me, misses me and needs me #selfsabotage He will also sometimes say that he can't carry on our relationship, that he's no good and I'll end up hating him. Throughout all of this, I have been there for him, trying to let him know how much I love him and that I'm not going to leave him. He has stolen money from me, so far he has paid me back every time #destructivebehaviour
    The thing is that I have #MajorDepressiveDisorder and become very low in mood when he leaves me with no warning. He has got better about communicating. What do people think, does it sound as if he could have BPD? He had a difficult childhood, was bullied at school and went into care for a short while. He was also in the forces and was bullied there #Bullying Can anyone offer advice about how I can get him to believe that my feelings for him are deep and strong. I want him to see the beautiful man that I see. Thank you for reading

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    A great resource for children dealing with trauma/grief

    The Machine Inside Me is a fabulous way to show children the gift of self-leadership and how to navigate the minefield of emotions they're faced with everyday! #PTSD #Trauma #traumatic grief #Bullying #iamthebossofme #brainscience #neuropsychology


    Self conscious

    I have been bullied since 3rd grade for being different. It has had an massive effect on me and because of it many memories before high-school are blocked due to trauma. People would talk behind my back(I know due to some great people who thought it was wrong of the bullies and gave me a heads up) and to my face as well. I was bullied for liking minecraft as well and what I wore( I normally dressed comfortably i clothes with textures I could tolerate or liked) and never dressed up like the other girls unless I had to for concerts. I also put little effort into my appearance. Due to this I became very self conscious of wearing my minecraft shirts and I still feel this now. I have a American flag dress I wore going out to eat last night and due to me being uncomfortable wearing just a dress or shorts underneath I wore some black leggins tennis shoes (I'm injured so no dress shoes) and black socks, with a dress that has no black on it. Now I didn't have any pants that would match so I went with black as it would be the best next thing. My mom made a comment that I can't exactly remember before she realized that I didn't have anything else and wasn't comfortable not wearing pants under a dress. I told her my feelings later and she said, "while it isn't my style do you like it and feel good in it?" When I said yes she told me then you where what you enjoy wearing and don't let anyone bring you down. Which helps a lot. She never meant to make me feel this way but her comment earlier set off those old trauma related feelings. #Bullying #Trauma #ChildhoodAnxiety