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Radiology & Medical Imaging

In medical diagnostics, radiology and medical imaging are inextricably linked. Radiology is a medical specialty that uses radiant energy to diagnose and treat disease. Radiologists are radiology practitioners who use imaging technology in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. For more details visit #Radiology #medicalimaging #radiologyandmedicalimaging

Radiology & Medical Imaging Dept - Taiba Hospital, Kuwait

Radiology & Medical Imaging Dept - Taiba Hospital, Kuwait - Taiba Hospital offers its patients with the most advanced technologies & services, at the hands & specialized & highly trained personnel.

More Unremarkable Tests, Still the Same Amount of Pain

Today I finally had my nuclear bone scan. While getting that test done I was able to see the results myself. Obviously I am no radiologist, but my joints and spine were much brighter than the rest, so I was wondering if that’s significant at all?

My doctor had originally told me it was, however, the radiologist wrote “unremarkable” - a word I’m getting very sick of reading. I’m definitely struggling to stay hopeful. I obviously don’t want bad results, but on the other hand I want them to find something during one of my tests, that way I receive an actual diagnosis and can figure out a proper treatment plan. I know that sounds dramatic. I’m just getting very frustrated with the constant doctor’s appointments and continuous lab work/tests just to find out they aren’t finding anything.

Has anyone else gone through this?

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