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More Unremarkable Tests, Still the Same Amount of Pain

Today I finally had my nuclear bone scan. While getting that test done I was able to see the results myself. Obviously I am no radiologist, but my joints and spine were much brighter than the rest, so I was wondering if that’s significant at all?

My doctor had originally told me it was, however, the radiologist wrote “unremarkable” - a word I’m getting very sick of reading. I’m definitely struggling to stay hopeful. I obviously don’t want bad results, but on the other hand I want them to find something during one of my tests, that way I receive an actual diagnosis and can figure out a proper treatment plan. I know that sounds dramatic. I’m just getting very frustrated with the constant doctor’s appointments and continuous lab work/tests just to find out they aren’t finding anything.

Has anyone else gone through this?

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Day 4: Nuclear Imaging

I can just feel the clock today. Tick, tick, tick. My scan growing ever closer.

It's funny, after 3 years since the diagnosis of cancer I continue to approach these with so much apprehension. It should be decreasing right? After 3 years of getting an 'all clear' you'd think you'd slowly start to fear it less.

Unfortunately, you don't.

What's so scary about cancer is how traumatic the experience is. Not only is your body physically strained from going through surgeries and treatments, but your mind has to process everything too. It's scary, and the treatment can last for a long time.

Last time, the physician was able to tell me immediately a snapshot of what the results looked like. This is a different hospital, but I'm hoping for that as well. Good or bad, it's better to know.

#Cancer #cancerrecovery #ThyroidCancer #rai #RadioactiveIodine #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #nuclearimaging

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