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Rainy Day People

I'm in Dallas Texas and we're having torrential rain today and my body knows it. So I'm talking it easy today and enjoying the sound of rain on the roof and being thankful for all the blessings in my life... still walk like I'm 90 but hey... my mind and heart are in a good place! #ChronicBeauty #rainydays #littlepiecesofjoy #CheckInWithMe

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#rainydays #migrainedays #rainandpain

A “lovely” rainy day here in SWVA. Went by my parents house and the cat decided we needed a nap 😁
The barometric pressure is crushing my facial bones and extracting my teeth!! Feels like I’ve been hit in the face with a shovel. Amnybody else get terrible facial pain? I can deal with the migraine right now but my teeth hurt so bad I can’t hardly chew.
✌🏻 & ❤️ to all #Migrainewarrior #barometricpressure #dayslikethissuck #chronicmigraine #cervicogenicmigrainewarrior

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Waiting for the bus #School #DownSyndrome #rainydays

I was sure that my baby girl would miss me, need me, want me when she started school. All the worries and anxiety that I had for the whole summer before her first day were in vain. I took her to school the first day because I was sure that she would have a meltdown, we get there and she explored the class room while keeping an eye on me. After about 15 mins she completely forgot about me. She had new friends her own size and toys she's never played with. Her teacher called me later in the week just to let me know that my lo loves everyone and her favorite thing is making Play-Doh food and trying to get her friends to eat it! I should have known the whole time that she would've been fine. She's the youngest of 4. I tend to forget that my baby isn't a baby any more.

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