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    Why is it so hard for me to make eye contact with other people what is a good remedy for this?

    It's okay to not make eye contact. Eye contact feels overwhelming and scary to many autistics, and you shouldn't have to force yourself into a deeply uncomfortable situation in order to accommodate the whims of non-autistic's rigid expectations. Your teacher is wrong. Try looking at the teacher's shirt, chin, or nose, which your teacher may interpret as eye contact. Then talk to an adult you trust about how your teacher is upsetting you and derailing the lesson to insist that you make eye contact. State the simple facts, and how you feel about them. Your teacher is not doing the job very well, and maybe someone can have a talk with the teacher about this behavior.#ASD #School


    University, the future, hopelessness

    I have 12 days before my first exam and I am not prepared at all. The unpreparedness has been hanging over me for the entire semester, I hate studying and I do not know what I will do in the future. My boyfriend said "Last year I told you it'd get better, you would be more focused, etc. But I am actually quite surprised that it didn't". All while he is trying to help me, I think he has no clue about how mental health works, and I did not choose to be bad at my studies or feel so sad all the time. He analyses stuff that do not require analysis. I think being sad in front of him is a big mistake. It is just frustrating despite the fact that I did not expect him to understand me. I think everything just got worse when I started sharing my problems with him. He doesn't understand me at all. #Boyfriend #Relationships #relationship #School #studentlife #study #studies #Education #Anxiety #future #Career #MentalHealth #despair #Sadness


    Why does it feel like everything is pointless even though my brain knows exactly what is the purpose of most things in life

    I often think of severely disabled people that have accomplished more than me, who have a much more positive outlook on life unlike me, who it seems deserve to live more than me, like I'm a waste. My university degree costs more than I am worth and I am steadily failing it. Nothing makes sense, and I can't talk about it to anyone, very small things discourage me and I don't do anything for the rest of the day. Why am I like this. #Depression #School #studentlife #Happiness #sense #pointoflife #senseoflife #makesnosense #Life #goals #Motivation #apathy


    Stress from pursuing my #passion

    The stress I experience already for years, mainly comes (regardless of the internal factors) from dealing with school and ballet. I'm now in 10th grade. I love dancing and it always will be a part of me, but I don't think,  that doing it professionally in a company would be the best for my body, mental health and general well beeing.  It never was my number one dream and just loving dance and having talent isn't enough. #Ballet #future #School