I'm sitting here on day 3 of feeling like crap. I'm sitting here on day five after the unexpected visit of one of my kids. I'm sitting here with my youngest and our two cats and I'm effing terrified.

Five days ago one of the older kids popped over. They brought their new significant other to meet me. I kept asking about health safety and social distancing. I did a rewind repeat for the entire 30 minutes.

This kiddo lives in a county that has positive testing for covid 19. Every question was an affirmation they had NOT been around anyone sick. That those they've been around were fine or tested negative. Before leaving said child wanted a hug. I mean it's my kid i didn't

Kiddo kept saying nothing no symptoms... Not sick...Nothing to worry about. Sigh. Until today. I've been getting progressively worse and my youngest is now starting.
I wrote my other child and asked point blank ARE YOU ...HAVE YOU...TESTED POSITIVE. HAD ANY SYMPTOMS...HOW LONG.
Weeks now. For weeks! A dry cough coming and going. Other symptoms and had not tried to get tested...but is going around out in public and visiting.

Now let me tell you why I'm scared out of my effing mind! My youngest has cyclic vomiting syndrome with aura migraines and abdominal migraines and since becoming a teen the cvs has morphed (like it did with so many) into a beast that isn't all about puking. Its all about so many other symptoms that have become so strong it's a vengeance. My youngest child fits the definition of medically fragile.

Let me tell you part two of this. I have Arachnoiditis/8 herniated discs/fibro/multiple other pain conditions/ high blood pressure/a family history of heart disease and cancer/diabetes/like my kiddo asthma/cluster migraines... I could keep going. I fit the definition of medically fragile.

I break this 3rd part like a defeated pinata. We are alone. No vehicle. No friends available near us. No family within an hour plus ride. Two cats that need care. One is old and partly blind. The other is still a tiny kitten. Our hospital with the only er in an hour's drive CLOSED last Monday!! There is nothing near by for emergencies. There is no one that can take care of our cats take care of my youngest take care and be able to bring us home if one or both of us gets admitted to the nearest hospital.

IF you don't have to go to work then STAY THE HADES HOME!!! You don't know what kind of havoc you will cause by "visiting" people...especially the elderly the disabled the vulnerable!!! If you must go near these kinds of people DON'T touch them!!

I'm terrified and were calling the dr tomm to request a teleconference appointment. Could be nothing...could be covid 19. We are the at risk population. We were lied to by a loved one who knew they had symptoms and came over anyway.

I own part of it cause it's my kid we let them in and i hugged em. However on their end doing this and knowing is tantamount to something seriously freaking wrong!!