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My turn: My chance to share my story

I'm a 35 year old masters degree recipient who comes from an abusive and neglectful family. I almost didn’t survive my childhood, spent years in hospitals, and am now expecting to start receiving ECT in the coming months. #shock #denial #anger #Bargaining #Depression #testing #Acceptance

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I’m doing a happy dance 💃 on the inside right now! #Dysautonomia #testing #MightyTogether

Finally, finally, I got some good news today. I’m celebrating on the inside because I got a little bit of hope restored. I wanted to share it.

The dysautonomia test that I’ve been trying to arrange for months on end has finally gotten scheduled an actual test date.

I know that it sounds like no big deal but to me it really is. They told me it would be 1-2 years just to get in for the test.

I got the call today and although the test isn’t until October, I feel new hope rising. A hope for answers, for diagnosis, for something to put me in the right direction to pain relief in my body. I hope to rule something in or out, anything, just make progress of any kind, I’m so stuck in the waiting. I’m super excited to get in very soon. Even though I can’t literally dance right now (body or limbs), I can a lil, from the waist up while sitting. I can dance on the inside. 😂 Celebrate with me. #ChronicPain


Sleep Deprived EEG Tests

I’m going to be having an eeg test soon for the first time. I just found out its a sleep deprived one.

Have you had this test and can you tell me your experience with it? I’m wondering why the neurologist ordered this kind (sleep deprived) specifically.

Did it get you and your doctors closer to proper diagnosis? #EEG #testing #Nerve and joint pain #neurologist #Diagnosis #mobility #Tinnitus #Epilepsy #ChronicPain


Dysautonomia Testing Info #Dysautonomia #testing #ChronicPain #nervepain

Can anyone tell me how long it took you to get into or get on the appointment list for dysautonomia testing? I’m being told it’s a 6 month to 1 year wait minimum if I’m willing & able to drive 4 hours away to Chicago. It’s 1-2 year wait if willing to drive to Minnesota (several hundred miles away and 2 states over). Any other info you can give about it? Thank you for any information or advice you can share.

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Wellness Wednesday and Health Update

The last week has been an eventful one for me, so I want to be transparent with you.

Three years ago, I learned that I had type 2 diabetes after a follow-up appointment for another health issue. The news shocked me, and I struggled to accept the news. Through faith in an awesome God and a strong support system, I have overcome many challenges associated with my condition and kept my numbers in range.

Since last summer, I've learned that there are people in the diabetes community who are misdiagnosed as type 2 when they have latent autoimmune diabetes in adults.

The more I researched about this phenomenon, the more I found that I fit many of the characteristics. I've also learned many patients struggled to get their healthcare providers to take the GAD autoantibody test to confirm their condition.

My endocrinologist was able to perform an autoantibody test for me and I received the results last night. This morning, I received confirmation from my endocrinologist: I have LADA.

I'm fine mentally. I'm relieved now that I know what's wrong. But most of all, I'm grateful and blessed that my endocrinologist listened to me.

For Wellness Wednesday, I want to urge everybody with a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes to check their GAD autoantibodies to make sure their diagnosis is correct. Diabetes misdiagnosis can make your condition worse, increase your risk of complications, and prevent you from getting the right treatment.

The following articles will give you more information about GAD autoantibodies and diabetes, which can help you make the best decision for you:

🔹How do GAD antibodies affect diabetes?🔹

🔹What You Need to Know About Type 1.5 Diabetes🔹

🔹Is It Possible for Type 2 Diabetes to Turn into Type 1?🔹

#DiabetesType2 #DiabetesType1 #prediabetes #lada #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #AdultDiagnosis #Health #testing #MightyTogether #Lifestyle

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Quick Tip Thursday: Diabetes Should Be Tested Every 1 to 3 Years if You Had Gestational Diabetes

About 50% of women with gestational diabetes go on to develop type 2 diabetes.

Test for diabetes 4 to 12 weeks after your new baby is born. If it is normal, get tested again every 1 to 3 years.

#DiabetesType2 #prediabetes #GestationalDiabetes #Diabetes #testing #Pregnancy #postpartum

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#Narcolepsy #Answers #testing

Today I am going through the testing to see if I have narcolepsy. I am scared. Scared of what happens next if I am diagnosed. What will life be like? Will I be able to continue working? How does one cope? One more thing to add to my list #ChiariMalformation #OccipitalNeuralgia #Arthritis

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Testing & saftey #POTS #Potsie #Spoonie

Waiting room, I brought a bag of masks I made for the staff, they seemed to really like them. I'm exhausted but so happy to finally have testing done. #LivingWithPOTS #testing #waitingroom #Hospital


#testing and other broken promises

Where we live there is no testing going on. We haven't seen anything the President says is out there for the American people. Heck we don't even have toilet paper, hand sanitizer, aloe, or alcohol in our city. Haven't had any since about four days before the shut down. If we had the stimulus money in the bank I'd order some of the stuff we need to be delivered to our home. When are we going to get testing done? When is everyone going to get that stimulus money? When are the rural towns going to get our needs met?