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Scared of what’s next

GORD is getting worse and PPI stopped keeping the symptoms at bay. Doctors doubled my medication and I have another gastroscopy this week. I won’t lie, I’m scared.

My partner’s grandfather passed away from cancer that had probably been a result of his acid reflux/ heartburn. He passed away within 2 months of dx (he was dx after having an endoscopy). My MIL actively documented how he was doing, his symptoms etc, and still talks about it all afterwards.
It’s super selfish, but I’m scared like anything of it happening to me knowing that it’s a real possibility. It’s taken my mind to some dark places, and the closer we get to the gastroscopy the worse it gets.

Of course I’m trying to think positive and remind myself what the doctor said (that he was elderly and that it wasn’t likely anyway), but it’s beginning to be a real battle in the run up to it. I’ll just be glad when it’s over. Again it’s super selfish to think about it like this, but I feel like here’s a safe place to express it.

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Newly diagnosed

So I have recently been told it is likely I have Crohn's disease. I was supposed to do a colonoscopy to confirm this, but y'all, I could not get through that gross prep stuff they make you drink, ugh!

Last Wednesday, I ended up in the ER because I had been having right side abdominal pain that started Tuesday morning and just kept persisting and had gotten a bit worse. It made it hurt to walk upright too. So while in the ER they did a CT scan with contrast and my colon was so swollen you could not see my appendix! They had initially thought that is what was going on. The nurses then consulted with the doctor I was supposed to see for the colonoscopy and he is the one who gave the diagnosis. I do have an office visit with him later this month I guess to discuss where we go from here and other stuff I guess.

I am so new to this and I am not happy either of course because not going to lie, I am not good with changes to my diet but from what I am understanding about this, I have no choice or I will suffer some very serious complications.

This is on top of a diagnosis of laryngopharyngeal reflux that I got during the pandemic. It is also called silent reflux because you have virtually no symptoms. So I have been wondering now if the 2 are related, But that has caused me issues with swallowing and eating. So badly, I barely ate and lost 15lbs and my doctors said nothing about it. But so it is ok now, but sometimes gets bad and so because of it I have issues with swallowing pills. I have almost choked on pills a few times while taking antibiotics for the ER visit last week. I am just so sad about it and was wondering if anyone can offer any advice or hacks or tips to manage this and recipes. Info on what I can eat, what I cannot would be amazing too! #Crohns #CheckInWithMe #reflux #InflammatoryBowelDisease #Depression #Sadness #Anxiety

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