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Journaling Jewels... Hospitality #refresh #Healing #Renewal

This morning, as I was enjoying the solitude of an early morning walk, I encountered an older fellow at street side checking his mailbox. An energy-sapping week filled with complicated responsibilities found me wanting to avoid chatting with a stranger. Fortunately, it was too late. He greeted me, and immediately engaged me in neighborly conversation.

It resulted in a simple, though restorative,# experience for both of us. He shared fascinating Native American history of the village in which we live. And I realized (again) how a simple hospitable exchange, even amidst angst and worries, can turn a day around.

Genuine hospitality encompasses little more than acts of graciousness and generosity of spirit. It begins in the human heart and consists of simple acts of courtesy that offer comfort and consolation. A hospitable heart willingly makes room for change – even change that disrupts a quite morning walk. It also fosters belonging and connection to others.

Think about a time when you received a simple act of hospitality – such as dinner, picking up a child at school, a ride to a doctor’s appointment, feeding your horse. How did that make you feel?

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Respite care for all#Healing #refresh #selfcare

My recent post about the value of respite care for caregivers prompted me to expand that thought. One does not need to be caring for ill children or frail elders, to see that taking a breather is vital.

Months of isolation, illness, and more have created a deep desire for normalcy. Friends tell me they feel as if they are viewing the world through a grey screen – void of color and predictability. It seems that we all could use some refreshment and renewal.

So, how do we reenter life when we’ve been living on the edges of it? I know one thing: we cannot wait for renewed energy to come to us. We must find our own ways to restore our sense of wholeness. The following three examples offer a few simple respite care ideas I’ve practiced these past many months.

Signed up for a community garden: I collected my vegetable seeds – peas, beans, summer squash, and five tomato plants. It was not fancy, but it delivered springtime renewal of the highest order. It was a pleasure, far more refreshing than cleaning the garage.

Cooked with friends: I’m no gourmet cook but understand that preparing and sharing food with others is very special. I’ve also learned that tater tot hotdish served on paper plates in the driveway is downright gourmet – and fun.

Returned to## birding: My brother and I knew a purple finch from a redpoll by age ten. Setting out birdfeeders and bluebird houses was a spring ritual. Today, when we walk around Lake Minnetonka, we often see flocks of eagles skirmishing with one another. It’s a simple pastime that yields real pleasure.

Make a list of modest, inexpensive projects or pastimes that could deliver real nourishment, the kind we all need, no matter if we are returning to work or just returning to life.

#Nourishment #relief #Fun