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#Nourishment Bistro, Hi, trying an apple chocolate slushee, and delicious Mango slices, since, there are no bananas today

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A great recipe for potatoes in the microwave is slice three small potatoes, add salt, garlic powder and a sprinkle of olive oil, cook for 7 minutes, then add butter and dill, and cook for 2 more minutes, then add sour cream and voila delicious, all my love and Peace to you the day before the holiday, hope this potato recipe helps you make it through, oh and add oregano if you have it, it will leave you with the hint of butter aftertaste mouth watering for more#Nourishment bistro


Dealing with food cravings + the temptation of takeout

I caved after work today and got a donair. Within ten minutes, the intense stomach pain hit and I am still dealing with discomfort, pain, and bloating six hours later, to the extent that I can't get to sleep.

I really struggle with consistently maintaining a diet that helps me feel good for a few reasons:

1) The constant, insistent message from my parents when I was growing up that if a food item is "good for you," then you should always eat it. Right now, food items that are certainly healthy like broccoli, chickpeas, and olive oil are actually *not* good for me and it is hard to shut off that voice in my head from my childhood.

2) After living in a number of different countries and traveling to dozens more, I have developed a love for world cuisine. Due to dietary limitations, I simply can't cook a lot of those dishes for myself, but sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, all I want is a bite of one of those delicious meals that transports me back to a better time. So I order take out. And then I have an experience like with the donair.

I guess this post is about the varied meanings of nourishment for different people. I am still trying to develop a healthy concept of nourishment for myself, and I am grateful for this group.

#Food #FoodAllergies #foodintolerance #Healthy #goodforyou #MentalHealth #Nourishment


Quiet Sunday

Did some kitchen chores but took walk@8a in 35 degree weather to turn in bottles and cans for money 💰💰.Used my salad shooter machine to slice lots of carrots. Enjoyed the down time. Refilled hummingbirds feeder. No Stress!.
My goal for this weekend was self care and I succeeded. Did get my bed stripped and remade. My caregiver has Thursday off for the holiday. She dyes my hair MAGENTA about every 6 weeks, before my haircut. Going to see if we can do it tomorrow.
Reason I do MAGENTA is that I am 17 yr Breast Cancer Survivor. It makes me feel better.
#positive thoughts,#chronic pain,#chronic illnesses,#Fibromyalgia ,#Bipolar ,#check in with me,#Distract me,#mighty together,#lets talk Depression,#daiy reflections and journal,#Nourishment bistro,
Happy to be a mighty!. A place to share experiences with others that "get it".
Thank you mighties for being here.
Signing off, take care!


Dinner tonight

This is how I have been cooking chicken breast lately:

This method has you bake the chicken breast in the oven, covered in parchement paper. They always come out juicy this way. You can put in whatever fresh herbs or other seasons you like too. Tonight I did it with some fresh thyme, some sprigs of sage and some lemon wedges. I also roasted some delicate squash and Brussels sprouts for sides. I just have to cut up the veggies and then the oven does most of the work. #ChronicDepression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression #Selfcare #Nourishment #MentalHealth

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Friday Night Pizza

From homemade dough to pizza. toppings: pepperoni, sausage, margharite (tomato, basil, mozzarella). #yummy , #foody ,
#Arthritis ,#Sarcoidosis ,#Disability
#hronic pain,#Nourishment bistro,

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Respite care for all#Healing #refresh #selfcare

My recent post about the value of respite care for caregivers prompted me to expand that thought. One does not need to be caring for ill children or frail elders, to see that taking a breather is vital.

Months of isolation, illness, and more have created a deep desire for normalcy. Friends tell me they feel as if they are viewing the world through a grey screen – void of color and predictability. It seems that we all could use some refreshment and renewal.

So, how do we reenter life when we’ve been living on the edges of it? I know one thing: we cannot wait for renewed energy to come to us. We must find our own ways to restore our sense of wholeness. The following three examples offer a few simple respite care ideas I’ve practiced these past many months.

Signed up for a community garden: I collected my vegetable seeds – peas, beans, summer squash, and five tomato plants. It was not fancy, but it delivered springtime renewal of the highest order. It was a pleasure, far more refreshing than cleaning the garage.

Cooked with friends: I’m no gourmet cook but understand that preparing and sharing food with others is very special. I’ve also learned that tater tot hotdish served on paper plates in the driveway is downright gourmet – and fun.

Returned to## birding: My brother and I knew a purple finch from a redpoll by age ten. Setting out birdfeeders and bluebird houses was a spring ritual. Today, when we walk around Lake Minnetonka, we often see flocks of eagles skirmishing with one another. It’s a simple pastime that yields real pleasure.

Make a list of modest, inexpensive projects or pastimes that could deliver real nourishment, the kind we all need, no matter if we are returning to work or just returning to life.

#Nourishment #relief #Fun

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Green Grape Delight

I only completed 5 days of my Detox and Cleanse at the behest of my Dietician. But I will continue to use anti-inflammatory smoothies as snacks, desserts, and occasional quick meals.

Here's the recipe for this one:
1 frozen banana
1 handful mint
20 fresh white seedless grapes
5-6 leaves romaine lettuce
1/3 fresh peeled avocado
1 c. filtered water
1/2 lemon, juice squeezed into the blender

A small chunk of peeled ginger
A scoop of protein powder

#Nourishment Bistro
#Food is medicine