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    I couldn’t talk until the age of three

    While I have since learned how to use my words,

    communication is still hard for me.

    It’s more complicated than nouns and verbs.

    Conversation is a fickle art

    It’s more than just words. It’s also tone,

    and there’s no erasing after you start.

    One bad move, and you could be left alone

    Perhaps that is why I prefer to write

    I can easily delete my mistakes

    and give the illusion that I am bright.

    The page is also a good hiding place.

    But there is one small problem written word,

    Once someone sees it, it’s there forever

    #ADHD #MentalHealth #ImposterSyndrome #Depression #Anxiety #rejectionsensitivity #SocialAnxiety

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    Dysregulated Emotions

    Dysregulated emotions

    One more sign that I am broken

    Either too happy

    Or really angry

    No between


    #MentalHealth #ADHD #dysregulated #Depression #Anxiety #rejectionsensitivity #executivedysfunction


    I'm forever a fish out of water

    I'm forever a fish out of water

    Yet throw me back in, I will still flounder

    Because I always feel so out of place

    I often wonder, why do I bother?

    As a child, I was a late talker

    Some thought I would have nothing to offer

    And those who did not think that was the case

    I’m forever a fish out of water

    I am told these things have made me stronger

    That I can navigate harsher waters.

    If I can, it is not with any grace

    And I better not be compelled to race.

    I’m forever a fish out of water

    #ADHD #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #SocialAnxiety #neurodivergent #rejectionsensitivity

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