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pain that feels like hunger

i know some people previously told me i might have gastroparesis and i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone has any tips. so lately i’ve been having these sensations in my stomach that feel like i’m really hungry but when i eat something it hurts really bad. does anyone know why this happens or what i can do to soothe the pain?

#GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis #RuminationSyndrome


i cant eat

so lately i just haven’t had an appetite for anything and i’ve been nauseous and puking when i do eat. i’ve noticed that even when i ate like two hours ago the food still appears undigested. does anyone know what that could be or how to stop this from happening? it would be appreciated.

#DisorderedEating #Dysphagia #RuminationSyndrome #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis

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Rumination #Anxiety #RuminationSyndrome #Depression

I’m tired. Tired of listening to the people in my life have conversations in my head that happened in the past. Tired of repeating them. And repeating them some more. And then branch out a new conversation sparked from one of those. I know this feeling all too well and it’s so hard to turn off. Sometimes it drains me so much it leads to a depressed state. I didn’t know this was a thing until talking to someone about it.

I know we all do this with our thoughts to an extent. For me, it’s always conversations that include what I wish I could have said and brave moments where I want to yell and scream in future conversations. It’s all useless, I know. But it’s a mental pattern I’ve created since maybe my teenage years. Sometimes I can cut it off. Sometimes I can’t it pulls me away from everything. I’m unproductive and very on edge when this happens. And then if I’m super drained if I can’t stop it, I’m depressed and just tired and further debilitated.

How do you all handle rumination? Or at least work around it when it happens? #Anxiety #RuminationSyndrome