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pain that feels like hunger

i know some people previously told me i might have gastroparesis and i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone has any tips. so lately i’ve been having these sensations in my stomach that feel like i’m really hungry but when i eat something it hurts really bad. does anyone know why this happens or what i can do to soothe the pain?

#GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis #RuminationSyndrome


i cant eat

so lately i just haven’t had an appetite for anything and i’ve been nauseous and puking when i do eat. i’ve noticed that even when i ate like two hours ago the food still appears undigested. does anyone know what that could be or how to stop this from happening? it would be appreciated.

#DisorderedEating #Dysphagia #RuminationSyndrome #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis

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Emotional Support Animals

Hey Mighties
Who of you gets daily "therapy session" by your emotional support animal(ESA)? What kind of ESA do you have?
I have 3 bunnies, with 3 totally different characters, and each of them helps me in a different way. On the pic is bunny Coco Chanel, who is using my bed and me to hop on and off. She loves cuddling.

Emotional support animal #Ehlers Danlos Syndrome #Hypermobility spectrum disease #Depression #TheMighty #ADHD #Anxiety #Highly Sensitive Person or HSP #Arthritis #Emotion #Bunny #Easter #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Insomnia

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cw: toilet stuff. sorry

i'm so humiliated and discouraged it's unreal. my body won't let me have the basic human dignity of keeping my bathroom habits to myself.

i live with a roommate and have IBS. tonight i clogged the toilet, for the second time at this apartment. we still haven't bought a decent plunger, and that's on both of us.

so i waited a half hour for the water level to go down, in order to try other unclogging methods. but IBS wasn't done slapping me around. i had to go so urgently that i had no choice but to use the clogged toilet.

i hoped against hope that the clog had resolved itself and it would flush this time. it didn't.

my roommate has gone to bed, and now i'm stuck staying up, feeling weak and bad, waiting for the (now dirty to the point of being opaque) water to go down again. to try unclogging again. probably in vain. and roommate will wake up tomorrow morning to the horrible, vile, disgusting mess i've made.

i can't describe how ashamed i am, how guilty and gross and subhuman i feel. she'll tell me it's okay, but it's not. it's not. nothing about this is okay.


#IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #CrohnsDisease #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #GastrointestinalDiscomfort

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I’m struggling to find ways to add calories so that I can maintain weight. I can sometimes do 1500 on a good day but it’s tough!! I simply can’t eat enough to get the 1800 I’ve read I’m supposed to have at my age (55) and activity level (mildly active, frequently bedbound ). Having Gastro is so frustrating. I’m so stressed. :( #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis

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Anyone else experience this?

I was wondering if anyone else has flare-up…cycles? If so, do you know why?
For me, I have GI symptoms, muscle and joint symptoms, and neurological symptoms associated with my condition. When I begin a flare up, the GI symptoms flare at once, then once that flare ends, it triggers a joint flare, then when that one ends, it triggers the neuro flare up. Like, each category has to flare before the whole thing is over. Is there a reason? #autoimmune #chronic #Seizure #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Jointpain #Inflammation

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My day today

Been feeling lousy with a Fibro flare. Now, on top of everything r we lose, I’ve got a touch of food poisoning. Either that or my IBS has decided to be particularly naughty today.
I’m in bed, my bed buddy Grimace snoozing quietly beside me, reading a book by Hunter S. Thompson. This is my day. #Fibromyalgia #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis #PeripheralNeuropathy #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Lupus #MultipleSclerosis #DistractMe #MightyBookClub #MightyPets

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Fibromyalgia and other neurological disorders. Where did it all start? Why?

Found this meme in my FB memories this morning. Apparently the 12 is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. These symptoms have been around longer than modern science. How many of us are empaths who can (or seem to) absorb pain from other things? People, animals, anything? And if so, how many of us know how to safely dispose of that pain? To get it out of our bodies? How many of us are helpers, healers, nurturers (or were until the pain became so great we retreated to our safe aloneness and self isolation? How much of the mind/body connection connects the pain and body’s self destruct and the mind’s’forgetting’ with what energies we absorb around us? If a good many of us are, perhaps it is an avenue worth exploring, yes? #Fibromyalgia #chronic pain #Depression #Anxiety #GastrointestinalDiscomfort


No help for you! Love, NHS.

From April to November 2021, I sought help. I sought it for so long that things settled down by themselves. So when I finally saw a consultant, he thought that was just great. No further examinations needed, eh? That failed endoscopy you had? No need to reschedule it! Everything the previous consultant suggested (due to a series of mishaps, I ended up seeing a upper GI consultant, not a lower GI one) he said didn't sound necessary.

As someone who lost a lot of weight last year & who has fibro, causing chronic fatigue, I've also had to give up wheat & dairy. Upper GI consultant "I recommend seeing a dietician."
Local NHS services - "Screw that. Referral denied."
I thought if a consultant suggested you get a procedure, you got it. I didn't even know referrals could be denied. I swear it feels like the NHS is dedicated to shutting me out for as long as I live. #AcidReflux #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #GastrointestinalDiscomfort

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