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Distractions from scanxiety??

Almost two weeks ago I had some thyroid testing done. It was posted last week on my health portal that I have a high T4 level and a rare antibody usually associated with type 1 diabetes. My doctor hasn’t responded to any of our calls or messages on what these results mean and where to go from here- any tips for coping would be appreciated because my anxiety is high😬😬 #Scanxiety #thyroid #BloodTests #helpme

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Waiting gives me anxiety....

Seventeen years ago, I heard three words nobody ever wants to hear- “You have cancer.” After a lot of very unpleasant treatments, I was declared cancer free, and went on living my “new normal,” as I eventually came to call my life after cancer. The thing about being a cancer survivor is that the minute a doctor hears you’ve had cancer, they want to follow up on everything. I swear, I’ve heard the words “It’s probably nothing, but let’s check just to be sure” more times than I care to count. It sucks being poked and prodded. And then there is the emotional roulette of waiting for test results. So much anxiety, I feel I could choke on it. Believe me, I know I am lucky to be a survivor. But having had cancer will always be a part of my life. I thought that the more years I put between me and my diagnosis, the less it would affect me. Instead, the opposite seems to be true, as the treatments I had seem to be coming back to effect my health in unexpected ways. And thus the anxiety of waiting continues....
#Cancer #Scanxiety #Anxiety

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